Best Parenting Books for Toddlers | What are Board Books for Toddlers?

Best Parenting Books for Toddlers

If you are a parent of a toddler, here is a list of some of the best parenting books for toddlers that will help you raise your child following proper guidelines:

A toddler is referred to as a child roughly 12 to 36 months. Children attain enormous cognitive, emotional, and social development at this stage. The word ‘toddler’ is derived from “to toddle,” which means to walk in a tottering manner. Children of this age learn to walk for the first time; they wobble and fall and try to stand up again. Gradually they start walking without the support of anything or others.

During the second year, toddlers move around more and learn about themselves and their environment. Their craving to explore new items and individuals likewise expands.

During this stage, toddlers will show more independence-resistant behavior and perceive themselves in pictures or a mirror. They will mimic the behavior of others, particularly grown-ups and older kids.

Children can also recognize the names of familiar individuals and objects at this age. Moreover, they learn to structure simple phrases and sentences and adhere to basic guidelines and bearings.

Best Parenting Books for Toddlers:

Check these ten suitable books to get proper guidelines for your toddlers:

1. The Montessori Toddler, by Simone Davies

The Montessori Toddler: A Parent's Guide to Raising a...
Binding: paperback; Language: english
$19.99 −$7.00 $12.99

Simone Davies is a Montessori teacher trained through the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). With 15 years of experience in this field, she helps parents and children solve their problems.

Turn your home into a Montessori home with the help of The Montessori Toddler. Utilizing the standards created by Dr. Maria Montessori, Simone Davies tells the best way to spend your time with a “terrible two.” It is one of the best parenting books for toddlers to remunerate the season of interest, learning, regard, and revelation.

It’s an ideal opportunity to change how we see toddlers. This book offers five basic principles for caring for your kids’ common interests with many pragmatic thoughts.

Moreover, I learned step-by-step approaches to develop everyday schedules quickly, including brushing my teeth and potty training. Parents will also learn to create Montessori activities suitable for their toddlers.

2. Toddler Discipline for Every Age and Stage, by Aubrey Hargis

Toddler Discipline for Every Age and Stage: Effective...
Hargis, Aubrey (Author); English (Publication Language); 152 Pages - 11/13/2018 (Publication Date) - Rockridge Press (Publisher)
$15.99 −$3.60 $12.39

Aubrey Hargis is an experienced parent coach and educational consultant best known for her empathetic approach. She is also the founder of the Child Development Institute of the Redwoods. Reinforcement plays a vital role in the toddler’s mental development.

Toddlers are continually changing, and they can undoubtedly become overpowered by everything. It may be tough to tell which toddler discipline strategies you should follow during emergencies.

Toddler Discipline for Every Age and Stage provides practical and age-appropriate discipline techniques. These strategies will help your kid become more robust and kinder.

The book also conveys essential disciplinary tools for managing everyday challenges and supporting your child. Hence, you can understand your toddler’s social difficulties while encouraging significant fundamental abilities.

3. We’re Parenting a Toddler!, by Adrian Kulp

We're Parenting a Toddler!: The First-Time Parents' Guide to...
Kulp, Adrian (Author); English (Publication Language); 198 Pages - 04/28/2020 (Publication Date) - Rockridge Press (Publisher)
$15.99 −$2.39 $13.60

Adrian Kulp founded ‘Dad or Alive: Confessions of an Unexpected Stay-at-home Dad.’ This parenting blog provides resources to parents taking experience from the fatherhood perspective.

We’re Parenting a Toddler is one of the best parenting books for toddlers. When toddlers come, they don’t come with a manual so parents can know how to raise them. This essential guide comes in handy with different practical parenting strategies in such a situation.

This book understands the requirement of every new parent and is prepared according to their convenience. Learn about toddler psychology and how to effectively parent them with a cool head. Besides, you will also get age-appropriate tips and insights for every 1-3-year-old issue. You can overcome fits of rage and difficult situations with this accommodating aide.

4. The Happiest Toddler on the Block, by Harvey Karp

The Happiest Toddler on the Block: How to Eliminate Tantrums...
Dr. Karp provides fast solutions for today’s busy and stressed parents.; Contains thirty-item glossary of Dr. Karp’s parenting techniques.
$20.00 −$7.35 $12.65

Harvey Karp is an American pediatrician and a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. He is also an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California.

In The Happiest Toddler on the Block, Dr. Karp uncovers that toddlers sometimes act like little stone-age men. They often have a crude perspective and communicate on their own. This book is ideal for new parents who must prepare for the upcoming difficult toddler years.

Dr. Karp has made his innovative methodology simpler to learn and helps parents put them into action. His Toddler-ese and Fast-Food rule, combined with the green-yellow-red light method, make it easier to shape toddler behavior. These parenting techniques will spare you significant time when you have to control a crazy kid immediately.

5. Toddlers Are A**holes, by Bunmi Laditan

Toddlers Are A**holes: It's Not Your Fault
Laditan, Bunmi (Author); English (Publication Language); 176 Pages - 04/07/2015 (Publication Date) - Workman Publishing Company (Publisher)

Bunmi Laditan often appears on “Good Morning America” and “CBS Sunday Morning.” She regularly contributes to,,, and The Huffington Post.

Many parents ask, “Why does my toddler hate me?” But it is not precisely hated. What is it, then, you may ask? Toddlers are just little maniacs who think they are the center of attention. They presume you don’t have a heart, a mind, or a soul. You are considered a robot of flesh and blood that can get the candy from the fridge’s top or clean up their vomit. You can never know what your toddler is holding up against you.

Toddlers Are A**holes offers the theory of child revolution that makes parenting less “hell” for you. It is one of the best parenting books for toddlers that teaches you how not to die inside while taking care of these little a**holes.

6. The Ultimate Toddler Activity Guide, by Mrs. Autumn McKay

The Ultimate Toddler Activity Guide: Fun & educational...
McKay, Mrs. Autumn (Author); English (Publication Language)
$23.99 −$5.00 $18.99

Mrs. Autumn McKay is a certified teacher with an Early Childhood Education degree. She helps moms to educate their children through fun activities on

Every parent wants their toddlers to learn and have fun simultaneously. Yet it becomes difficult sometimes when parents become busy with their life. The Ultimate Toddler Activity Guide offers a comprehensive collection of kid-tested fun activities prepared in no time. Parents will learn to make low-prep fun activities that inspire their children and spur their curiosity.

This book saves parents time in looking for ideas over the internet. Moreover, parents can give their kids a kick-start for their educational learning through fun activities. With 200 exercises, including 114 low-prep activities, this guide will prepare your toddler before they get to preschool.

7. Jo Front’s Toddler Rules, by Jo Frost

How to Talk so Little Kids Will Listen: A Survival Guide to...
Faber, Joanna (Author); English (Publication Language); 432 Pages - 01/10/2017 (Publication Date) - Scribner (Publisher)
$18.00 −$6.51 $11.49

Jo Frost is a nanny, author, and English Television personality. She is well-known for the reality television program “Supernanny UK.”

Jo Front’s Toddler Rules is one of the best parenting books on toddlers. It offers an effective five-step program to help parents settle their children’s behavior and bring peace to the family. Frost is always very friendly with the kids, and she helps the parents sort out their problems with easy techniques.

In this book, she has demonstrated her ability to expertly control toddlers and establish peace in the houses. Frost describes the five easy techniques for training your child to sleep, have food, play, learn, and behave appropriately.

Filled with excellent tips for living a stress-free life, this guide has everything you require to enable your toddlers to develop and flourish. Besides, it will help parents make family time significantly more valuable.

8. Joyful Toddlers and Preschoolers, by Faith Collins

Joyful Toddlers and Preschoolers: Create a Life that You and...
Collins, Faith (Author); English (Publication Language); 352 Pages - 10/01/2017 (Publication Date) - Hohm Press (Publisher)
$21.95 −$4.60 $17.35

Faith Collins is a parenting coach, public speaker, and classroom teacher. She talks about the importance of relationships with children in our lives.

Joyful Toddlers and Preschoolers offer functional devices to dodge power struggles and set restrictions without rebuffing or hollering. Parents try to stay positive while taking care of their children. Yet, they often find it exasperating when their kids create a nuisance. This book teaches you how to transform “no” into “yes” and endorse limitations.

Moreover, you will learn to support your children’s self-disciplined skills and get done with your house chores while they play. This book share approaches to making a solid home life that addresses the issues of grown-ups and kids.

9. The Parenting Toddlers Workbook, by Katie Penry PsyD

The Parenting Toddlers Workbook: Manage Your Child's Moods,...
Katie Penry PsyD (Author); English (Publication Language); 208 Pages - 06/23/2020 (Publication Date) - Rockridge Press (Publisher)
$15.99 −$1.47 $14.52

Katie Penry, PsyD, is a licensed clinical psychologist and author. At present, she conducts private Practice on the Gulf Coast of Alabama.

Parenting Toddlers Workbook is one of the best parenting books for toddlers. It offers practical devices and demonstrated procedures for healthier babies and more joyful parents. Support your toddler’s latent with research-driven techniques and accessible parenting procedures. Joined with customized activities and exercises, this book helps extend your understanding of your toddler’s development.

The book also offers methodologies to raise children from 12 months to 4 years. Parents can also get reliable directions on parenting and learn to manage their daily schedules with minimal stress.

10. How Toddlers Thrive, by Tovah P Klein

How Toddlers Thrive: What Parents Can Do Today for Children...
Amazon Kindle Edition; Klein, Tovah P (Author); English (Publication Language); 322 Pages - 02/18/2014 (Publication Date) - Touchstone (Publisher)

Tovah P Klein is an Adjunct Professor and Barnard College Centre for Toddler Development Director. She was also a clinical fellow at Boston Children’s Hospital.

In How Toddlers Thrive, Dr. Klein explains what’s happening in toddlers’ brains and bodies at this age that makes their behavior so turbulent. She also demonstrates how the parent’s response to their children significantly creates a healthier and happier present. This fantastic book will motivate you to be a superior parent and give you the apparatuses to support your kid’s maximum potential.

This book uncovers what parents can do with intelligent and valuable strategies to help their kids grow into adults. Besides, it allows you and your toddler to live happily now and forever.


Parenting a toddler consumes a lot of time, energy, and patience. Remembering that they will always cause trouble would be best, but you have to handle the situation calmly. It would be best to keep trying until you build a strong bond with your kid; sometimes, you might be exhausted. But it is your responsibility to shape your toddler’s behavior and bring the situation under control.

4 Special Parenting Books for Toddlers:
# Preview Product Rating Price
1 See You Later, Alligator No ratings yet $16.99 $9.99
2 Melissa & Doug Children's Book - Poke-a-Dot: What’s Your... No ratings yet $13.87
3 Melissa & Doug Old MacDonald's Farm, 1 EA No ratings yet $14.24 $9.88
4 Dear Zoo: A Lift-the-Flap Book No ratings yet $7.99 $5.24

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should a toddler know by age 2?

By age 2, a toddler should know at least 50 words and understand their use in context. Most toddlers at this age can put two words together, for instance, “no water.” Many of them can name some body parts and everyday objects like toys. At this age, toddlers are also seen to speak with a combination of self-made, understandable words. Sometimes, they repeat words that they may have overheard in adult conversations.

2. What physical achievements does a toddler reach?

The physical achievement of a 2-year-old can be separated into two classes –

Gross Motor Skills

  • Can walk, run, and jump with both feet
  • Can convey toys or other light items
  • Throw or kick a ball, at times, attempt to get with two hands
  • Climb on furniture or other lower surfaces.

Fine Motor Skills

  • Brush their teeth and hair
  • They might pull their pants
  • Wash hands by turning on the faucet
  • They will attempt to hold objects with their fingers, even with a weak grasp.
3. What kind of cognitive development occurs in a 2-year-old?

When a baby attends the age of two, it undergoes the following cognitive development:

  • Do you want more fun with more involvement, like pretending to be a box as a rider?
  • Remember past activities using phrases like “once upon a time” or “a long time ago.”
  • They can fix a puzzle that contains a 3 to 4-piece diagram.
  • They acquire knowledge about recognizing shape size and color variance.
  • Recite various nursery rhymes along with friends, families, and parents.
4. How to improve a toddler’s speech?

If your toddler is delayed in speech, you should try talking or singing to him more often. When you frequently communicate with a child, their capacity for speech is improved. You can also encourage them to imitate various sounds and gestures. Reading can also help you interact with your children, so start reading as early as possible. Use everyday situations while talking to them, as this will rapidly build your child’s speech and language.

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