Unlocking Tarot Mysteries: Best Beginner Books – Reviews for 2024

Are you looking for the best tarot books? With more than 200 tarot decks and over 20,000 tarot books on the market, where does a beginning tarot student begin? While there are many common tarot books on the market, this article looks at the best tarot books for beginners to get a quick start with a tarot reading.

All the guidance and complete courses are provided on these tarot deck books. It would help if you were confused about getting the best tarot guide books.

If you’re looking for the best tarot books to help you learn the Rider-Waite deck, you’re in luck. You’ll find that most tarot books focus on this popular deck since it’s one of the most popular tarot decks for beginners. Since it’s the most common deck out there, more tarot books focus on this deck than any other. Though there are a lot of Tarot Books out there, we have selected the best Tarot Books for you.

Have a look at the below for further guidance.

6 Best Tarot Guide Books Reviews

All of these books are top-rated, best-selling for learning tarot. We also provided priority of the previous buyers and readers’ positive feedback.

 1. Introduction to Tarot Book:

Introduction to Tarot
  • Levitt, Susan (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

This is a tarot book for learning tarot. This book was created by the author Susan Levitt. He is a professional card reader, astrologer, and consultant. In this book, both the detailed explanation of Rider Waite and Crowley Thoth’s deck explanation is provided. These two decks are the most famous and best-selling tarot decks.

The books are bound flat, making them easy to layout and learn about each card.

The book was published on September 26, 2003, and has 225 pages. It weighs 1.3 pounds and has a dimension of 7.18*0.66*8.88 inches.

Pros: Cons:
  • The books provide a quick reference guide to each card and its meanings.
  • Explanations are provided in an easy way that is easy to understand.
  • Provided different types of spread are included in the books.
  • Proper details are not provided for each card’s meanings.

2. Learning the Tarot:

Learning the Tarot: A Tarot Book for Beginners
  • Used Book in Good Condition
  • Bunning, Joan (Author)

This learning the tarot is a book for beginners that provides all the guides on using the tarot cards.

This book was created by Joan Bunning, a writer, editor, and programmer. Here all the complete courses are given to move into advanced concepts. Each lesson will help you to learn and practice simple feedback. For simplicity, only a simple layout is used across the Celtic cross spread.

Tarot learning cards discover meanings to shed light in detail. Lessons include different topics such as how to consider a card by yourself, look at each card pair, and create a story.

A convenient reference section provided two pages of information for each card, including a Waite deck description, keywords, verb phrases, and suggestions for cards with similar and opposite meanings.

The book was published on October 01, 1998, and has 320 pages. It weighs 0.035 ounces and has a dimension of 7*0.88*8.98 inches.

Pros: Cons:
  • This book provided all the card’s meanings and instructions on interpreting them.
  • Every lesson provided a big picture for every topic.
  • The books on the pages are tight and clean.
  • Some of the information doesn’t match with the content.

3. The Big Book of Tarot:

The Big Book of Tarot: How to Interpret the Cards and Work...
  • Bunning, Joan (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

This book was created by the author Joan Bunning. It is a big tarot book where all the card meanings, how to interpret cards, and how to work with personal growth are provided.

The author conveys each card’s basic depth and beauty and shows how the card activates psychological forecasts, increases insight, and improves communication with an internal guide.

Although numerous books are dedicated to tarot, what sets Joan Bunning apart from each author on the subject is his ability to use complex abstractions and divide them into transparent, manageable, and easily learned parts.

The author’s lessons include basics and then gradually shift to more advanced concepts. Easy feedback for each lesson will help to learn and practice.

The book provides:

  • Lessons on how to consider a card, find pairs of cards, and create a story.
  • A proper reference for each page and description on the Waite deck.
  • Reverse card meanings and how to give tarot readings.
  • How to work and insight into various spreads.

The book was published on August 01, 2019, and has 368 pages. It weighs 0.035 ounces and has a dimension of 8.3*0.8*9.9 inches.

Pros: Cons:
  • The book provides all the easy meanings that are easy to understand.
  • Provide all the information on each card spread.
  • How to interpret each card’s meaning is included.
  • The books provided original meanings of the Rider Waite deck.
  • The book’s font size is small, and it makes it difficult to read.

4. Llewellyn’s Complete Book of the Rider Waite Smith Tarot:

Llewellyn's Complete Book of the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot: A...
  • Graham, Sasha (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

This Llewellyn’s complete book was created by the author Sasha Graham. In 1909. The rider deck was originally published and became the best-selling deck.

In this guide, there is a guide on the complete making deck, a complete analysis of each card, card meanings, and the spread of each 78 card’s unique spiritual power.

Artist Pamela Colman Smith and magician Arthur Waite combine their astrology, kabbalah, metaphysic, and mythology to realize the different visions.

This deck discusses how the card discovers and how Waite and smith came together with enchanting signals and deck direction, inspiration, legitimacy, and challenge.

This book was published on September 08, 2018, and has 504 pages. It weighs 2.55 pounds and has a dimension of 8*1.4*9.9 inches.

Pros: Cons:
  • The booklet comes with a lot of information and is written efficiently.
  • The books are perfect for psychological readers.
  • It covers Kabbalah, Hebrew letters, and many more.
  • It provided instruction on every 78 cards and spreads.
  • The book doesn’t provide an accurate explanation which is not suitable for advanced readers but is good for beginners.

5. The Qabalistic Tarot Book:

288 Reviews
The Qabalistic Tarot Book: A Textbook Of Mystical Philosophy
  • Wang, Robert (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

This book was created by the author Robert Wang. This is a book of mystical philosophy.

This book is both a textbook of symbols of Western Hermetic Qabalah and a valuable source booklet that has had a strong influence on the development of western thought for many centuries.

Dr. Wang has marked the development of Qabalah concepts throughout history and has used tarot images to illustrate the symbolic complexity of the path. This book can accompany Golden Dawn Tarot, Thoth Tarot, Rider Waite Deck, and Marseilles Decks.

As a “masterpiece” and praised by the critics as “the deepest reference of its kind,” the Qabalistic tarot has become the standard in its field.

The book was published on June 07, 2017, weighing 1.75 pounds. It has a dimension of 7.3*1*10.2 inches.

Pros: Cons:
  • The book provides all the information on the kabbalah and the tree of life.
  • This book is recommended for studying, learning, and using.
  • The book supports four of the best well-known decks.
  • This is a guide of RWS, Thoth deck, Marseilles Deck, and Golden dawn.
  • The book is filled with much knowledge.
  • This book is too complex to understand and not worthy for beginners.
  • Some of its pictures are poor in quality.

6. Dreams of Gaia Tarot:

Dreams of Gaia Tarot: A Tarot for a New Era (Book & Cards)...
  • Phelan, Ravynne (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

This tarot book was created by the author Ravynne Phelan. This is a tarot book for the new era.

This tarot is simple to search, feel, grow, and heal. This deck will build up your connection with your learning while helping you identify and heal past experiences to your fullest potential.

It helps to identify the changes of growth that are ahead and face them with confidence and a sense of expectation. This also allows us to take action and stay calm and teaches us to believe in our path.

The past provides structures in the form of major and minor arcana. Still, by combining them with bold new archeology, symbolism, and more relevant meanings, Gaia tarot dreams become a more personal, intimate, and effective way to use the card as a roadmap to navigate your life.

This book was published on September 08, 2016, and has 308 pages. It weighs 1.6 pounds and has a dimension of 5.5*2.25*7.25 inches.

Pros: Cons:
  • The card stock is thick and is easy to shuffle.
  • The booklet provides easy and relevant meanings that are easy to understand.
  • The deck comes with a sturdy box.
  • The artwork is beautiful and offers extra major arcana cards.
  • The book explains all the meanings of each card, keyword, and phrase.
  • There is some depiction on some of the cards.

Finale Verdict

So, we hope that you have known and understood each of its details and found the best tarot books you were looking for. All these tarot books are perfect for beginners and as well as for advanced readers. All the complete guides on tarots are provided. If you are new to tarot or confusing or lacking some tarot knowledge, you can have any of these tarot books provided in the article.

Feel free to choose. Happy Shopping.

Frequently Asked Questions  

Q. How to learn Tarot Cards?

 There are 78 tarot cards. To learn all the cards, you need to use your channels.

There are many channels available. These are:

You can view, listen, speak, or do. Read out the stories, look carefully at the cards, and discuss cards and spreads with your friends.

You can maintain your interest by defining your goals. Or you can spread by using the book that comes with the deck.

After reading the story, you can repeat to yourself what you have learned. You can do this for 15 minutes to have your memorization perfect. Then do this step tomorrow again.

Memorize the total of 22 major arcana cards meaning.

You can start the journey from

  • The Fool- which means naive and carefree. This card doesn’t have any specific place. It is independent.
  • Magician- which means manipulating the world or finding the boundaries.
  • High Priestess- which means freeing your intuition.
  • Empress- which means listening to the emotional world.
  • Emperor- which means discover the authority and listen.
  • Hierophant- which means beliefs and ways to become a part of something.
  • Lovers- helps to find a balance between passion and quality.
  • Chariot- which means determined and self-confident.
  • Strength-you can develop discipline and willpower. You can control your first problems and challenges.
  • Hermit-which means being alone, soul searching, or counseling.
  • Wheel of fortune- which means fate. It understands your past to create the present.
  • Justice means accepting all the responsibilities of your life and realizing every action to make your future.
  • Hanged man- which means you look at the world in a back-pedal way.
  • Death- refers to when you feel everything is ending, but you take a strong balance and move to the next step.
  • Temperance- which means new power that you discover to start.
  • Devil- which means violence, force, or extraordinary efforts.
  • Tower- which means sudden change, chaos, or revelations. Sometimes sudden changes come to your life.
  • Star- which means give you new hope, faith. After having all the difficulties, new hope and faith arise in your mind.
  • Moon- which means illusion, intuition, fear.
  • Sun- which means brings confidence in your life.
  • Judgment- which means resurrection and inner calling. All people will come and will be ready to be judged.
  • World- means you have come to a new level of happiness and fulfillment.

After completing all the readings and being ready, try to tell a story to yourself if you skipped anyone. Take it as fun.

In this way, try to learn and memorize tarot cards.

Q. What tarot card is the most feared?

The fool card is the most feared. The fool is one of the 22 cards of major arcana. It is sometimes 0 as first or sometimes 22 as of last.

  • In most tarot games, the fool is sometimes considered an excuse card.
  • In some playing games, it is considered the lowest trump or used as a wild card.
  • According to European tarot readers, it is considered the highest trump.

Q. Is every day tarot good for beginners?

This is the best tarot book for beginners.

This guide is the best tarot guide with an element of self-help and wellness. Here, all the activities, ideas, and information on every 78 cards and how tarot can use tarot to reach modern goals are provided.

If you want to focus, reading this book is perfect for you. This book provides relationships, careers, and other goals rather than broad ideas and concepts.

Q. How to start a daily tarot practice?

First of all, gets a tarot deck and guidebook. Please start first with the standard tarot deck. Read the entire guide once all the information is provided.

Then, start with one card spread. Think about the card. It can fit into your life or need to go out.

You can start practicing with your friends at that time you can use a three-card spread for having fun.

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