Exploring Christian Domestic Discipline: Rules, Books, and Stories in 2024

Christian domestic discipline

What does a Christian dd relationship mean? In Christian domestic discipline (CDD), it is believed that the husband is under the authority of God and other family members (wife, kids). Most commonly husband is considered a consensual corporal and expert for adult partners in a relationship. Husbands have the right to assert dominance over their wives using corporal punishment.

Understanding Christian Domestic Discipline Rules for Wife

These are the rules which were shared with one of my friends. He is well-organized and born into a Christian family. I like him very much as I believe he is genuine. His wife also maintains Christian domestic rules, which she learned from her grandma. I took permission from her to write it down on my website. These rules may help you justify your testimonials, values, and morals.

So, let’s check…

  1. I will warmly support my husband.
  2. First, I prioritize my husband’s needs as we have no children now.
  3. I will support my family carefully and regularly and check what demands my family members. Also, I will do good cooking and take it as an art. I regularly try to cook different foods. I do laundry, cleaning even grocery shopping.
  4. My husband helps me to choose clothes before going out. I follow a conservative manner of dressing. I don’t prefer to wear a short-sleeved blouse with a low neck and collar. For any dress, I always choose my husband.
  5. I wear minimum make-up.
  6. I suggest my husband or mother-in-law buy expensive things when I go shopping.
  7. I always show a proactive manner toward others.
  8. I will facilitate my upcoming children to be self-disciplined.
  9. My husband can punish me if I show any dark side of mine.
  10. I always apologize for my mistakes or misbehavior.
  11. I keep silent after getting any punishment until he invites me to speak.
  12. I must review my behavior after making any errors with my family.
  13. I accept corporal punishment from my husband applied by hand, wooden, strap, slipper, etc.
  14. It is preferred to wear my nightdress before bedtime.
  15. I will not leave home after a specific time.
  16. The hobby is my favorite choice. I prefer gardening in the past time.
  17. I prefer my husband to access my phone, PC, and other devices.
  18.  Listening to songs is one of my favorite hobbies. I never make any loud sounds, which creates a problem for others.
  19. I always show honesty before others.
  20. It is my demand to get security from my husband.

These are all of the rules that I follow with my beloved husband.

Christian Domestic Discipline Rules for Husbands

After taking her interview, I talked with my friend, and he told me 10 rules that he follows with his wife:

  1. I share everything, including personal matters, with my wife.  Always avoid the big words like “divorce” or “I will change my partner.”
  2. I forgive if I notice any misunderstanding that my wife causes.
  3. My wife is my life’s power. I like her and love her. I will not stay one second without her. So, I keep the option to share her decision with everything.
  4. I respect my parents-in-law as I respect my parents.
  5. I never compare my wife with another woman.
  6. She is the best cook in the world. She prepares various delicious foods every day, which I like most. I provide positive regard for her sweet hand cooking.
  7. I frequently request her to go out if she feels bored or monotonous.
  8. She is very emotional, and I give priority to her emotions.
  9. I never judge her activities against domestic rules; instead, I request she reconsider.
  10.  It is my duty and responsibility to take care of her.

 Christian Domestic Discipline Books

Today, I will share a few best books, which are great resources for knowing Christian discipline. Christian time management books are also important for distributing your time according to Jesus’s rules and regulations.

Michael and Jenna’s Christian Domestic Discipline Marriage is a series of books written by Michael and Jenna. This book series will help you make a practical foundation for transforming your marriage. Click Here to see details on Amazon.

Also, Christian Domestic Discipline 101 is a renowned book in Christian culture. Click Here to see details on Amazon.

From the below fiction book list, you will get a variety of knowledge about Christian discipline in churches and singles:

Christian Domestic Discipline Groups

There are a variety of Christian domestic discipline groups on the internet. These groups are respectful and share their opinions, photos, and videos. For Example, Facebook, Reddit, and Pinterest. “Anne Rice” is a dedicated Facebook group discussing Christian domestic rules that are given exceptional value. There are more than 1,200,000 people who follow this group.

 Christian Domestic Discipline Story

Jassy is a 26-year-old lady. She belongs to an aristocratic family, where she learned to socialize. She has studied at the best university. By profession, she is a teacher. It’s been two years since she married Steve, a 30-year-old young gentleman. He works in a multinational company. Though it is an arranged marriage, they have time for courtship. During courtship, they spent quality time understanding each other. After four months of courtship, they decided to tie the knot with the consent of their family. My assistant Lisa stopped here. I was expecting more to hear about this young couple. Because of being a counselor, I was not finding any anomaly in the marriage! But, still, they are here, in my chamber, for counseling.

Lisa called them in. I found two very young but disturbed persons seeking help. As I had initial information about them, I directly asked them about the problem they were going through. The lady was a bit nervous, and the man was aggressive. I requested Lisa give them water and asked them to be comfortable. In the meantime, I took some time to think. Both of them were quiet. So, I started. We had a long discussion. Here I am sharing what the couple shared with me. Dear readers, please try to put your feet in their shoes when reading the couple’s story.

Their Story and My Words

Firstly, the lady started to talk. After our marriage, we were delighted. We used to live in a beautiful house. Only two of us used to live in the house. We had no domestic help because there was not much work at home. I was able to complete all the household work on my own. But after six months, I joined a college as a lecturer. I proposed to my husband to appoint domestic help for us. But he was reluctant to do so. Then I requested him to lend me a hand with household chores. But he never did so.

At this point, the husband started his part. He said, why should I take care of the household chores? It’s her duty. I have seen my mother doing all the work. There should be some rules at home. Being the houseman, I shall set the rules to maintain discipline. The lady was so distressed and added that he would punish me if I broke any rules. The husband was so indifferent.

Am I Surprised..!

Hearing this term, I was a bit surprised. Christian Domestic Discipline is a lifestyle in which physical assault and other punishments are practiced to maintain a systematic household. In this system, the man is dominant, and the wife is submissive. Those who promote domestic discipline do so based on several verses taken from the Bible. The husband is said to be the head of the household, while the wife is obedient to her husband as if the Lord himself were her husband.

All these verses justify that the husband can choose physical punishment or any form of punishment, including spanking. Conversely, this weird interpretation misses that nowhere in the scripture does the Lord ever command or even allow for the physical punishment of wives by husbands. Slight physical punishment is reserved for children to safeguard them from their foolishness. On the other hand, Wives are mature enough to understand the Biblical rules and maintain household discipline. Instead, to maintain household discipline, a couple should understand each other harmoniously and run the family.

Curiosity Zona Alen

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12 thoughts on “Exploring Christian Domestic Discipline: Rules, Books, and Stories in 2024”

  1. How can anyone, any Christian support CDD? in a day when a person can be arrested for spanking their children?—-CDD is totally against what God/Jesus/the bible taught. –patriarchy is the backdrop of the bible not the point of it. no wonder so many want nothing to do with a religion that sees women as second-class citizens to be spanked if she disobeys.
    Jesus came to set captives free, not to take more captives.
    I pray you to come to your senses as to what God truly wants in a Christian marriage. geesh!
    p.s. I wonder if you will allow my comment, as in most patriarchal sites, to go against what they think is gods will get you banned, names called, judgment…a true showing of the love of Christ.

  2. My partner and I are interested in introducing domestic discipline into our relationship. We have read widely around the issues involved and believe it will work for us. One question we need to resolve is how she addresses me in a manner that is both respectful but acknowledges me as the HoH.

    1. Dear Chris
      Thanks for reading this post and sorry for the late response. In my opinion, sometimes name-calling is an important matter to recognize the opposite partner. Other things like actively listening, showing genuineness, being respectful, telling a variety of love languages, providing stroke (a psychological term that means praising her positive activities), etc can be helpful to acknowledge both of you.

  3. CDD is disgusting. It is mind boggling and heartbreaking that any woman would think she deserved to be beaten by her husband. No decent and good man would want to treat his wife this way.

    1. exactly! the Bible has been so misinterpreted. you would think common sense would prevail but some people want to please and obey God so much they listen to what ever they hear from preachers and teachers without checking it out themselves.

  4. Marriage is all about mutual understanding. This article just has taken Christianity for the spirit. This article is all about aloofness. This is so admirable.

  5. Robin Summerfield

    It never ceases to amaze me that people come into CDD communities to wreak havoc with what we cherish. First, few CDD folk ever state that this is the required way of conducting your married life. My husband and I chose this life together and volitionally entered into it. The Bible instructs us that discipline, including corporal punishments, is not only helpful but necessary in a child’s life. Anyone with a Scriptural background could begin to list the Proverbs that speak directly about spanking. “The rod of discipline will drive out the foolishness in a child’s (or wife’s) heart.” Children’s behavior was so important to God that if a child couldn’t learn to be respectful, they could be taken to the city gates and stoned to death. That’s why it’s one of the Ten Commandments. “Honor your father and mother so that it will go well with you in the land I will show you.”

    Therefore, why would there be any less necessity for a wife who, while under the Curse of Original Sin, strives for her husband’s position? I challenge you to find a single Scripture that prohibits marital spanking. You will become a theologian before you find it. It’s right next to dating, I imagine.

    Both of our parents practiced CDD. As my husband and I felt the LORD was calling us into marriage, we also knew without even a long pause of consideration that CDD would be a part of our spouses’ lives. Now, did we do it right all the time? No. We didn’t spank enough, and there were some hard times and lessons we had to go through. Our CDD life is not the center of our marriage. It is one of three legs of a stool… Faith in God, Marital Sex, and Marital Discipline.

  6. Robin, I understand your point of view. If in a CDD relationship consent to discipline is given freely and can always be revoked by either partner (at any moment), then while I may not understand a husband’s or a wife’s desire to live this way, I agree it is your choice. I only learned of CDD a year ago because I met two women who are no longer in CDD marriages (one is separated from her husband, and one is a widow). They taught me all about how CDD works, and they both told me their husbands went to far and now both are permanently damaged from the corporal discipline (one has kidney trouble and one has extensive sciatic nerve problems). So the first and only two people I know in person so far in my life (I am in my 60s and very happily married to my husband of more than 40 years) their experience is negative. They asked their husbands to stop harsh punishments many times, but they told me in CDD the husband decides when the punishment is over (is this correct according to your understanding?) They also told me that the number one goal of spanking is the husband must do so in a calm, controlled and safe manner at all times. This was not their experience. So who stops the man when he is overdoing it punishing his wife? Many of us who may disagree with CDD do so only because we care for the safety and well being of women and children, not because we want to tell you how to live their lives. These 2 women told me once you agree to CDD, it is very hard to get out of it. If that not how you see it (that one can easily get out of it if it is not right for them) then please tell me. I would be delighted to hear that consent is free to be revoked at any time. And finally, since a wife cannot punish a husband in CDD, does your husband make it his mission to punish (maybe even by having them arrested) other men he may learn of who do not conduct themselves in a safe manner while issuing corporal punishment? Thank you for reading this.

  7. Thank you for writing fairly about domestic discipline, Christian or otherwise. Spanking has been a helpful tool for husbands to use to correct their wives for thousands of years in cultures across the globe.

    Despite the complaints that you hear from fellow Christians, there is nothing in the Bible against this practice, and it falls well within the domain of biblical headship and biblical love. Christ himself promises to chastise His children, His beloved Bride.

    If you don’t mind a link, this is an article I have on the benefits of spanking your wife: https://spankingyourwife.wordpress.com/2020/04/08/whyusediscipline/

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