New Hope Baptist Church (Top Reviews-2021)

New Hope Missionary Baptist Church is situated in three places: North campus, South campus, Northgate campus. As a church, they believe in the unity of believers. They believe all people possess’ different personalities, experiences, values, etc., but they are cohesive under one reason: Gospel.

New Hope Baptist Church Address: 551 New Hope Road, Fayetteville, GA, 30214.

New Hope Baptist Church Mainly Focus on Four Things:

  1. Family group: Family group is a form of Sunday school. It helps to make big things small with trials and joy.
  2. Serve teams: This team helps to share the gospel nearby, nationally, and globally. They educate every team with gifts and passions that work with kids and door to door to sing and paint.
  3. Worship services: Through the worship services, the attendant communicates in unity with prayer, singing, educating about God’s Word throughout the year.
  4. Communicating among the community people: They value the Impacting communities, which is the church’s heartbeat. They believe Gospel transforms, and unity is committed to joining families, lives, and communities as a revied person.

The Missions of New Hope Baptist Church:

The main mission tag line of New Hope church is “REACHING THE COMMUNITY, NATION & WORLD.” It defines who is as a church. Their vision speaks to use the supernaturally impact on the community, nation, and world.

Their global mission is joining the different places to pray-onsite with insight. Also, spending time with the long-term workers of the country to encourage them to pray.

Homes Mission: Serving the World from Home.

New Hope members provide housing on the south side of Atlanta for missionaries as a state site of assignment since 1990, Such as “Home 263” and “Home 295.

New Hope Baptist Church Membership Process:

To be a member of the New Hope Baptist Church is easy for Bible-believing people. To be a member of this church means you are a member of a community that belongs to God’s faithfulness. The membership process of New Hope include:

  • It would be best if you were baptized by immersion after full salvation understanding.
  • Regular continue membership class. The class occurs 3rd Sunday of every month by alternating the family group hours. The family group hours include: 9:15 AM at North & Northgate, and 10:30 AM at South.
  • Sign New Hope’s agreement.
  • You are encouraged to take the WHO ME? Class. This class not obligatory, but initially, you will learn many things from this class.

The Important Message to Be a Member:

  1. All ages have the opportunity to be a member. The adult membership class begins after the 7th. The children’s class and new believer class (baptism class) are under 7th grade.
  2. Sunday class attendance cannot provide the surety to be a member.
  3. You have not to be a member of baptized if you wouldn’t be a member.
  4. To be baptized, you need to talk with a minister.
  5. If you are a kid, you can also be a baptized member, but you need to talk with children’s minister Libby Baker.

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Ministries of New Hope Baptist Church (Growing A Strong Biblical Foundation)

There are various ministries of New Hope those work differently according to their events and schedules:

Kids Ministry of New Hope:

Kids of all ages gather together on two campuses every week to grow spiritually. They learn through the mission’s interaction with peers and others to develop regular worship and Bible education practice. All of the activities are done by fun and other mixed activities. All of these activities help them to grow strong in Biblical foundation.

To get FAMILY GROUPS SCHEDULE, UPCOMING EVENTS, PARENT INVOLVEMENT RESOURCES, or if you want to be kids, Volunteer information Click Here.

 Student Ministry of New Hope:

The main aim to make unity among the students to grow their spiritual development on both campuses. Student ministry is more than fun games. Students can know the world of God by interacting with one another. Teenage age is a dreading period for their mental and physical changes. In this time, they have a variety of curiosity about the unknown things. So, this is the best place and time to let them know about God. To get Student Forms and Family Groups update information, Click Here.

Adult Ministry of New Hope:

Family groups are the key part of New Hope, and the mission is transforming lives, families, and communities into the recharged people of Jesus. The new college grades to the senior adult family group of New Hope cover every adult life stage. Every Sunday morning, the family group get together into a small group to spend time on the word of God and meet one another. Mainly family groups are designed to provide spiritual growth, encouragement, accountability, etc. Also, you have a chance to get a New Hope Baptist fellowship.

Suppose you want to get schedule information about the fellowship, meeting, or description of the family group, resources, etc. Click Here.

Sports Ministry of New Hope:

New Hope provides a flagship upward sports program that helps the athletes get skilled, encourages, and supports as a young player. The young athlete will get quality sports programs within a Christocentric environment.

  • Sports Ministry of North

To get updated basketball, upward stars basketball, Upcoming Events, and Other sports information upward, click here.

  • Sports Ministry of South

To get updated Soccer and Upcoming Events information upward, Click Here

New Hope Community Church:

New Hope is involved in Fayette Country as the believes ministry begins a home. All of the Christmas presentations provide with involving horse ministry, gardening, food pantry baccalaureate, and local high school banquets with Jesus’s love.

To get more updates about the library, CUB SCOUT PACK 172, Boys & Girls (Kindergarten-5th grade), and related Upcoming Events, Click Here.

Facebook Community Group Name of New Hope: “NewHopeCapeCoral”

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New hope Baptist church live stream:

You can join their workshop every weekend on Sunday at 9:15 and 10:55 AM. Also, you can watch their past series. All of the upcoming schedules you can get on their website. To get notice of their live stream workshop schedule, follow this website page.


STORIES OF NEW HOPE are available at this link.

Service Time, Location, and Directions of New Hope Baptist Church:

The service includes worship, prayer, and the word of God. The singing lasts almost 30 minutes with a 30-45 minutes message.

NORTH CAMPUS Service time:


  • 9:15 AM – Family Groups
  • 10:55 AM – Worship Service

To find the NORTH CAMPUS direction, check here.

SOUTH CAMPUS Service time includes two times:


  • 9:15 AM – Worship Service
  • 10:30 AM – Family Groups


  • 9:15 AM – Family Groups
  • 10:55 AM – Worship Service

To find the SOUTH CAMPUS direction, check here



  • 9:15 AM – Worship Service
  • 10:30 AM – Family Groups

New Hope Baptist Church Cemetery Address


Address 1

  • Oak Ridge, TN, United States
  • +1 865-425-3450

Address 2

  • 4.7  (3) Baptist church
  • Purlear, NC, United States
  • +1 336-973-4673

Address 3

  • Haughton, LA, United States
  • +1 318-949-9006
  • To get LIFE CLASSES schedule time: Check Here.
  • FAMILY GROUPS: To get connected to the community schedule, Click Here.
  • To get MINISTERIO HISPANO Updated information, Click Here.

Pastors of New Hope Baptist Church:


  1. Rhys Stenner, Senior Pastor
  2. Al Mead, North Campus Pastor
  3. Ellis Daniel, South Campus Pastor
  4. Tim Woodruff, Executive Pastor Of Ministry Development
  5. Lee Brewer, Northgate Campus Pastor
  6.  John Conrad, Associate Pastor Of Missions, Evangelism & Prayer
  7.  Valencia Marierose, Senior Pastor’s Assistant
  8.  Selina Dailey, Assistant To North Campus Pastor
  9. Linda Hayes, Assistant To South Campus Pastor

 Staffs of New Hope Biptash Church Team:


  1. Jimmy Mccullough, Property & Facilities Director
  2. Alex Edwards, Student Minister – South Campus
  3. Clayton Mcclain, Student Minister – North Campus
  4. Tina Plunkett, Children’s Minister – North Campus
  5. Gynger Rogers, Children’s Minister – South Campus
  6. Lauren Eden, Preschool Minister – North Campus
  7. Shelly Preuer, Preschool Minister – South Campus
  8. Hugh Kirby, Inter-Generational Minister
  9. Michael Ringfield, Sports Administrator
  10. Mel Turner, Family Minister
  11. Dan Akins, Senior Adult Minister
  12. Lesley Deyton, Minister Of Assimilation & Development
  13. Mel Turner, Family Minister
  14. Edgar Montano, Spanish Speakers Ministry Director
  15. Amber Stewart, Discipleship Support & First Impressions Director
  16. Clark Dailey, Technology & Production Director
  17. Travis Honeycutt, Technical Director – South Campus
  18. Beth Honeycutt, Content Manager
  19. Josh Harwell, Creative Communications Director
  20. Brenda Young, Kids Ministry Assistant – North Campus
  21. Stephanie Angileri, Student Ministry Assistant
  22. Heather Elliott, Kids Ministry Assistant – South Campus
  23. Rina King, Student Ministry Assistant – South Campus
  24. Misty Smith, Music Assistant
  25. Marion Ferencz, Missions Assistant
  26. Kerry Daniel, Weekday Director – North Campus
  27. Manda Woodward, Weekday Director – South Campus
  28. Rachel Crawford, Weekday Associate – North Campus
  29. Nancy Wallace, Business & Records Assistant
  30. Karen Bassett, Business Administration Assistant
  31. Susan Mixon, Financial Assistant
  32. Linda Wallace, Food Service Director
  33. Brian Mcguire, Property And Facilities Manager
  34. Nathan Plunkett, Technical/Facilities Associate – North Campus
  35. Kris Harrington, Receptionist
  36. Bonnie Kennedy, Receptionist
  37. Patsy Sexton, Receptionist

Conclusion: NewHope is a local church serving various social programs and developing hundreds of communities. Also, the New Hope Church helps to create entirely faithful followers of Jesus by increasing life-giving relationships.

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