Foxfire: The Kitsune Oracle Review & Guide

The Kitsune Oracle deck is beautifully illustrated and filled with complex symbols and cryptic messages that will challenge the reader to dig deeper into the deck. This is meant as a divination tool so the reader can interpret the images and messages themselves.

Foxfire: The Kitsune Oracle Cards Meaning:

Foxfire: The Kitsune Oracle is a personal odyssey that transports readers through an enchanting journey of self-discovery. In Foxfire, readers follow Anna on her quest to unlock the mysteries of her fox spirit. Based on a traditional Japanese folk tale, the story helps readers learn how to tap into their own inner wisdom. The fox appears as a guardian spirit in nearly every global culture.

Foxfire: The Kitsune Oracle is a book for everyone who has ever wished they could talk to a fox. Each fox spirit provides unique wisdom and insight that resonates deeply with readers.

Foxfire: The Kitsune Oracle (45 cards & 144 pg. guidebook,...
  • Lucy Cavendish (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

The deck was created by the author Lucy Cavendish and Illustrator by Meredith Dillman.

Foxfire: The Kitsune Oracle Review

Foxfire, the most ancient of abilities, resides in this enchanted realm. The magnificent Kitsune serve as Foxfire’s defenders. You will visit a magical realm, a hidden world of cherry blossom trees, talking ginkgo plants, day and night-creating dragons, and elves guarding holy groves.

It’s time to uncover the mythical talents of the Kitsune, the shapeshifting foxes that work with the Shinto god Inari, which have their roots in ancient Eastern spirituality. Kitsune are loyal, intelligent, and incredibly bright creatures who offer good fortune, plenty, and sound, knowledgeable advice in all things of the mind, body, and spirit. The Kitsune, both practical and magical, will weave strong, protecting forces around you, giving you serenity and prosperity.

This new and creative deck is your ticket to a weird and fascinating world of transformation, adventure, and mysticism, including the brilliant work of fantasy artist Meredith Dillman, penned by Witch and novelist Lucy Cavendish.

Foxfire: The Kitsune Oracle; Features and Specifications

Foxfire: The Kitsune Oracle” includes 45 gorgeous cards and a 144-page handbook with clear directions, layouts, and card messages.

The deck was published at Blue Angel Gallery, a contemporary art gallery in New York City (February 25, 2019).

Language: English with a weight of 0.035 ounces and 6.69 x 1.34 x 5.04 inches Dimensions.

Previous Buyer’s Experience:
  • You will learn about their distinct and interesting gifts when you work with this deck.
  • Beautiful and fantastic desk.
  • The artwork is amazing.
  • The card explanations are excellent, if a little wordy, but they aid in understanding.


  • Easy to understand.
  • Compassionate readings full of messages of insight and inspiration.
  • Smaller in size.
  • Cardstock is thickly created.


  • Hard to shuffle.

Foxfire is a fun book filled with many magical references and images that will delight both children and adults. Highly recommended.

In summary, the Foxfire series was one of the most successful nature books written by Dave Wolverton. The Foxfire books were not great literature. They were straightforwardly written for children. But the books told stories that were real.

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