Living Reiki Healing Cards Review & Guide

Reiki healing is a method of alternative medicine originating in Japan, which involves the laying-on of hands. Reiki practitioners believe that the life force energy, or ki, flows through all living things and that the ability to heal or harm ourselves and others is achieved through energy flows. Reiki healing is based on the principle that an energy field surrounds us and penetrates us, called our aura. The aura becomes blocked when we feel stress or negativity, and negative vibes can accumulate.

Living Reiki Healing Cards Meanings:

Living Reiki Healing Cards are tools to help people understand more about Reiki healing. These cards help people learn how to give Reiki healing to others and help people learn more about Reiki healing.

Living Reiki Healing Cards (Tarcher Inspiration Cards)
  • Quest, Penelope (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
About author

The deck is created by the author Penelope Quest.

Penelope Quest is a well-known Reiki author and instructor. She has taught Reiki since 1994 and has served as a Reiki consultant to both the Open University and the National Health Service. She was a member of the Reiki Regulatory Working Group’s Education and Accreditation Committee, which was in charge of developing an appropriate Core Curriculum for Reiki Practitioner training. Reiki for Life, The Reiki Manual, Self-Healing with Reiki, and The Basics of Reiki are among her earlier works.

Living Reiki Healing Cards ( Tarcher Inspiration Cards) Review

Reiki is about more than only treating people; it’s also about spiritual development. Penelope Quest, a Master Reiki Practitioner, has been using Reiki to help others recover physically and emotionally for over fifteen years via her practice and publications such as Reiki for Life and The Basics of Reiki. Quest’s knowledge has been condensed into this beautiful card deck, focusing on the healing and inspirational concepts for improved life inherent in the practice of Reiki.

Living Reiki Healing Cards: features and specifications:

TarcherPerigee publisher, edition on 26 December 2013. 66 pages with full English written. Dimension is 3.92*1.1*5.1inches with a width of 9.6 ounces.

Previous Buyer’s Experience:
  • The cards are fabulous.
  • Sturdy enough to use for long.
  • Great inspiration for anyone who is using it.
  • The cards make focus on work.
  • A nice card for positive vibes.


  • Easy to shuffle.
  • The cards are thin-sliced laminated paper.
  • Fabulous colors are used with beautiful content.
  • Well made and good in quality.


  • No cons at all.

“The Reiki Healing Cards” is an incredible learning and healing book. It will help every Reiki practitioner enhance their Reiki skills, and those searching for a successful Reiki healing practice will find it to be an invaluable reference.

I recommend that people who are interested in studying Reiki, or who want to start studying Reiki, should begin with the book “Essential Reiki Techniques,” which has served as the foundation of all of my Reiki training. The book uses Reiki techniques to teach self-healing and self-healing in general and contains some hands-on healing, as well as several meditations and exercises that can be practiced alone and at home.

In conclusion, the Living Reiki Healing Cards is a well-produced book, with pleasant, relaxing illustrations and informative, readable writing, including a glossary. The cards themselves (to which I haven’t yet had a chance to try them) are well-made, attractive, and well-illustrated. I enjoyed reading the whole thing.

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