Inspirational Visions Oracle Cards Review

These cards have been popping up everywhere. Inspirational Visions Oracle Cards are different from most oracle decks. Instead of hand-drawn cards, these decks have cutouts that fit on regular playing cards. Each card represents a different type of inspiration, from love, success, and money, to creativity, justice, and forgiveness. When applying the cards to my life, I reflect on and visualize the person I want to become.

Inspirational Visions Oracle Cards Meaning:

The Inspirational Visions Oracle Cards provide a guided personal meditation using cards with quotes to encourage intuition, self-awareness, and meditation. Each card reveals an enlightening message, bringing inspiration and clarity about a new way of thinking, a physical ailment, or life situations. The Inspirational Visions Oracle Cards provide inspiration, guidance, and clarity with these cards.

About Author

This deck is created by the author Judy Mastrangelo.

Judy Mastrangelo has been painting her entire life. She licenses her artwork in various sectors, including wall murals, art prints, inspirational card decks, and books she has authored and drawn. Her preliminary approach of “Mind Painting” assists her in developing innovative works of art and teaches others how to build their imaginations.

Inspirational Visions Oracle Cards
  • Mastrangelo, Judy (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Inspirational Visions Oracle Cards Review

There is an inspiring oracle who will lead you on an exciting journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. It arrives with 50 beautiful oracle cards and a quick-and-easy guidebook filled with whimsical messages to help you improve your life and express your deepest feelings. Some talented people share their thoughts throughout great history, thinkers, as well as authors, poets, painters, and composers, sharing wonderful creations with humanity, and you can do the same by cultivating the innate talents that lie dormant deep within your Soul.

Inspirational Visions Oracle Cards- features and specifications

RedFeather manufactured this deck on 28 September 2020. It has 120 pages of packages. It comes with a weight of 1.36 pounds and has a dimension of 6*1.75*5.25 inches. It features,

  • The set includes 50 art cards as well as a full-color guidebook.
Previous Buyers’ Experience
  • The imagery on the cards is done in rich, intense pastels that are a joy to look at.
  • This deck’s hues and illustrations are gentle but profound.
  • Oracle is a deck of 50 detailed, lovely, and colorfully painted images.
  • This is a one-of-a-kind and versatile deck of cards.
  • The cards in the book have very few meanings.
  • The message on each card is embellished and expanded in the accompanying booklet.
  • The card size is slightly larger than that of a traditional tarot deck.


  • Insightful interpretations provide the reader with sound advice.
  • A daily uplifting message is an excellent way to begin the day.
  • The cards are arranged alphabetically.
  • The cards measure 3 12″ by 5″ and have no borders.
  • The card’s edges are finished with a lovely blue foil.
  • They have a reversible design.


  • It has a few meanings.
In conclusion, the Oracle card decks are a wonderful tool to open ourselves up to creative insights and guidance. If you’re looking to tap into inspiration, the Oracle Cards could be just what you need.

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