Law of Attraction Tarot Deck Review

I was pretty excited when I received my Law of Attraction Tarot Deck to review because it seemed pretty comprehensive. The cards of this deck look like classic Rider-Waite tarot cards, but with a little extra flair. Most cards feature beautiful original artwork by award-winning artist, Pam Greer, who creates a mystical, other-worldly feel to the cards. The artwork is centered on Egyptian and Celtic goddesses, and it’s extremely detailed. The deck also has a higher-quality card stock than previous Law of Attraction decks.

The Law of Attraction Tarot Deck is all about the Law of Attraction. Although it is just a deck of Tarot cards, the Law of Attraction theme plays a big role. This concept, or thought, is the basis for everything in the Law of Attraction. So, if that is what you are looking to gain from this deck, then you’ll be in luck.

 Law of Attraction Tarot Deck Meaning:

The Law of Attraction Tarot Deck was created to help readers tap into their subconscious to tap into their own inner wisdom, intuition, and inner knowing, so that they can access their gifts and better express them in the world. It is designed to be used with the Law of Attraction teaching and is galvanized with themes of love, abundance, and creativity.


Law of Attraction Tarot Deck
  • Lo Scarabeo (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)


Lo Scarabeo developed this deck.

 Law of Attraction Tarot Deck Review

According to the law of attraction, anything we desire can be manifested; all we have to do is believe it. Rhonda Byrne’s blockbuster The Secret and its recent sequel The Power revealed this amazing principle to millions around the world.

The Universal Law of Attraction The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck, inspired by the Rider-Waite tradition, is intended to assist you in putting the law of attraction into action. Find out what you want out of life, wealth, a dream job, better health, loving relationships, peace, and happiness, and send this message to the Universe. Whatever your desires are, this powerful tarot can assist you in making them a reality.

Law of Attraction Tarot Deck- features and specifications

Llewellyn publications; TCR Crds edition manufactured this ok January 8, 2012. It is available in English and comes with a weight of 8 ounces. The deck has a dimension of 2.75*1.25*5 inches. It features,

  • The boxed deck (234 x 434) contains 78 full-color cards as well as an instruction booklet.
  • The accompanying pamphlets for most Lo Scarabeo decks are available in five languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German.

Previous Buyers’ Experience

  • It’s a silent deck with beautiful photos.
  • The 6-page book that comes with it doesn’t mention the deck.
  • Its book does not help you understand the meaning of the cards.
  • This deck’s artwork is one-of-a-kind and intriguing.
  • The booklet is a shambles, with scant information that doesn’t go with the pictures.
  • It’s best to trust your instincts and toss the booklet.
  • The cards are extremely flimsy.


  • This deck is stunning.
  • The artwork is expertly crafted.
  • The images are up to date.
  • The colors are overloaded watercolor, with earthy, natural tones that are bright and deep.
  • They contribute to the interpretation.


  • The images do not correspond to the meanings of the suits.
It’s a great deck for beginners and experts alike. It’s simple to understand for beginners. It has many layers for the expert.

  In conclusion, the Law of Attraction Tarot Deck is truly unique. The cards’ illustrations are colorful, and the deck looks like a piece of artwork. Its fascinating imagery makes the user feel as if they are on a spiritual journey. The cards are bilingual, and the instructions are easy to understand and follow. The Law of Attraction Tarot Deck is a fantasy book, a guidebook, and a deck of two Tarot cards. It is a unique and compelling work of art and symbolism.

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