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The Queen of Swords Card is usually found in the Minor Arcana of most Tarot Decks as a member of the Swords suit. The artwork on the card in the Rider Waite deck, which was first published in 1910, depicts an elderly woman sitting on a throne with a sword in her dominant hand and a butterfly crown on her head.

The Queen of Swords is a prominent card in the tarot deck, the most famous of the Major Arcana. It is often associated with the Empress but also can be seen as an individual card rather than a card of a particular court.

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Queen of Swords Health Meaning

The Queen of Swords advises you to learn to listen to what your body is telling you when it comes to fitness. You’ve probably put off scheduling an interview or obtaining a verification.

The Queen of Swords often represents a woman who can be both passionate and cool, receptive and assertive, and always sharp and fierce. She is a mysterious character, but her role in the story is often to guide us to make decisions for the best.

Key Interpretation (Yes/No)

The Queen of Swords is a yes tarot card in general. The Queen of Swords indicates a self-assured and educated lady who is powerful and sophisticated. If you draw this card throughout your consultation, it means you’ll get the answers you’ve been looking for shortly.

Queen of Swords Feelings

It represents prudence when depicted as a Queen of Swords. This individual maintains a high level of caution and guards their emotions at all costs. The Queen of Swords has a hard time revealing their genuine personality.

Queen of Swords Reversed Love

If you are in a relationship, the Queen of Swords reversed in a love Tarot reading can imply like you’re in a relationship with somebody who represents the attributes listed above or because you’re demonstrating some of those qualities yourself in your romantic life.

Queen of Swords Advice

In this situation, the Queen of Swords urges you to avoid becoming too reliant on others at this moment. Instead of putting too much faith in other people’s assurances, only set aspirations that you know you can achieve on your own.

The Queen of Swords isn’t interested in waiting to see what others think, say, or do. She knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. She doesn’t seek approval or even allows herself to be influenced in any way. There are moments in life when no one can look after you as well as you can look after yourself.

Leave emotion at the door and get to work. Because you are the one in charge, make wise choices for yourself. You are the ultimate arbiter.

Queen of Swords as a Person

The Queen of Swords is a strong, self-sufficient woman. This individual is someone who other people pay attention to as a good example. The Queen of Swords is a clever woman with a strong sense of self-confidence and ambition.

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Queen of Swords Tarot Meaning


The Queen of Swords is a female genius character who is older and more experienced. She is the manliest of all the rulers, and she might come across as severe and heartless. This card emphasizes the need to decide without solely relying on passion. Before reaching a choice, the Queen of Swords encourages you to consider all of the information.

This queen is kind, as evidenced by her outstretched hand in giving, yet she prefers to connect with people via mental skills. Additionally, this card indicates that you will need to be more confident in your decisions. You must depend on impartial knowledge, which requires you to explore various ideas and consider your options thoroughly. In these situations, compassion and understanding might detract from your duties, so strive to maintain a strong impartial view while preventing getting emotionally engaged.

The Queen of Swords can also refer to how we communicate with others. This monarch has the uncanny ability to say it how it is. This permits her to get her point over without leaving anyone in the dark about what she’s saying.

Over all else, she values honesty, so she does not attempt to soften her remarks, views, or views. She also demands the same candor from others, so you must be forthright with whatever you say, even if it hurts. 


The reversed interpretation of the Queen of Swords is that you are pondering more with your emotions and becoming very deeply attached to your present situation. Since your impulses may mislead you awry, you must start thinking more rationally.

Use the opportunity to analyze the scenario using numerous information and your imagination to form a clearer picture of what is happening here. You can then determine what to do next.

When the Queen of Swords is reversed, she can be cruel, cold, heartless, or angry. You may have begun to withdraw yourself for a myriad of purposes, while the outside world may be misinterpreting your actions. You may have to defend yourself.

Queen of Swords Timing

The Queen of Swords is associated with a significant concept that is directed inwardly, then externally to fix a problem. This occurrence could happen in 1-3 days.


The Queen of Swords Tarot Card depicts the fulfillment of taking a reasonable and pragmatic attitude to life.

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