Runes for Modern Life Cards Deck- Real Review

The Runes for Modern Life series is a rapidly growing collection of original tarot decks designed by the worlds leading tarot practitioners to create new, innovative tools for modern life. Each deck is a unique and original creation.

You can find your answers with this book that is a modern interpretation of the ancient tarot. This is a perfect tool for people who want to look deep into their emotions, personal issues, and life cycles.

We have provided the details on the Runes for Modern Life in the article. Check them out below.

Runes for Modern Life: Ancient Divination Cards for Today's...
  • Cheung, Theresa (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

About Author:

Theresa Cheung is based in the United Kingdom and has spent the last 25 years researching and writing about dreams and spirituality. Camilla Perkins is a Brighton-based illustrator. She has illustrated for clients such as BBC Good Food, Lenny Letter, The British Council, and Penguin Books.

Camilla Perkins is a Brighton-based illustrator. She has illustrated for clients such as BBC Good Food, Lenny Letter, The British Council, and Penguin Books.

Runes for Modern Life Review:

Runes are divination tools that form the basis of an ancient alphabet. This revised edition adapts their 2,000-year-old wisdom to the needs of the twenty-first century.

Each draw contains insight into the many facets of life, with cards representing prosperity, strength, defense, spirituality, travel, opportunity, joy, pleasure, disruption, and energy.

Like tarot cards and the ancient Chinese divination method I Ching, runes are primarily used for divination.

They first spread across Europe with the aid of the Vikings and inspired J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, and George R.R. Martin to create fantasy worlds. When the term “divination” is used, many of us immediately think of fortune-telling.

However, divination is merely a technique for gaining a deeper understanding of yourself. Utilizing a divination system such as the runes can assist in eliciting intuitive associations. When a random rune symbol is selected, the symbol is interpreted for the deeper meaning it conveys.

Be aware that the rune you pick up may have been placed in this deck for a reason.

Features and Specifications:

Laurence King Publishing published this deck on April 07, 2020. This deck appears in the English language and has 24 pages of a paperback. It weighs 12 ounces and has a dimension of 4.75*1.9*6.4 inches.

  • Its features include 24 color illustrated cards with a symbol of the runic alphabet.
  • It comes with a 64-page booklet explaining how to use and interp[ret the cards.
  • It contains a high-quality, sturdy gift box.
  • The deck is very modern, easy to understand, and good for quick guidance.
  • This deck is a beautiful deck that has a multicultural variation of skin tones. Its people are beautiful, and the colors are bright.
  • The cards have a satin finish, rounded corners, and the perfect size of the cards.

Previous Buyers Experience:

  • This deck comes with a book that has color pictures as well.
  • Its box is sturdy and holds cards and books.
  • Its cards are of good weight, but some buyers claimed they are bigger than the average tarot/oracle size.
  • The accompanying booklet comes with full-color photos and has very clear textual guidance by Theresa Cheung.
  • Its card has phonetic pronunciation as well and is helpful.
  • Its pictures on the cards give a decent amount of information about each Rune.
  • Some buyers claimed that everything was perfect with the deck, except the Laguz card was on top of the card pile.
  • The quality of the box, book, and cards is excellent, and each card is a vibrant and colorful plus, they are very modern.
  • The deck of the cards is made of thick mat card stock.
  • The descriptions of the runes in the book are refreshingly simple and easy to interpret based on the question you are asking.
  • Its booklet provided some basic information in the book about the origin of runes. Still, some buyers claimed that this kit focuses more on getting on and using them in the practical divination thought, making them very approachable.
  • Its colors are full of energy and happy vibrations.
Pros: Cons:
  • The deck of the cards has modern colorful scenes that illustrate The Runes, and the booklet expands on the meanings.
  • This deck helps boost our daily morale and looks for the bright side of things.
  • This deck gives a fresh approach to an ancient form of divination.
  • Its card is beautifully packaged and comes with a detailed booklet explaining different interpretations of each rune and various ways to use them for the present day. 
  • Some buyers claimed that its card lacked depth descriptions.


So, we hope that you have understood all the details on the Runes for Modern Life that we have provided in the article. Feel free to choose this deck.

Happy Shopping.

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