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Modern Witch Tarot is a book of 78 cards. The cards range in color, from Dover white to green. The backs are printed with black and white images of witches and witches’ tools, as well as symbols, spells, and rituals. Modern Witch Tarot is the first deck in the Modern Witch Tarot series and is […]

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These cards have been popping up everywhere. Inspirational Visions Oracle Cards are different from most oracle decks. Instead of hand-drawn cards, these decks have cutouts that fit on regular playing cards. Each card represents a different type of inspiration, from love, success, and money, to creativity, justice, and forgiveness. When applying the cards to my

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The Raben tarot cards are specially designed to work on the Tibetan Buddhist teachings of compassion, love, wisdom, and compassion. The cards also contain images of the three kayas, manifestations of the Buddha, which are the theories of mind, body, and form. These kayas reside within us in mind, body, and speech. About Author The

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People in the world embrace the secret pleasures and mysteries of the body. Some people enjoy this mysterious side of life so much that they seek it outside their monogamous relationships. They explore this mysterious realm through Tarot readings, personal consultations, meditation, and dream interpretation, to name a few. Enter erotic astrology, an ancient practice

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The Heart Path Oracle Cards are beautifully illustrated oracle cards to help you connect with your heart’s wisdom. The deck lets you tap into your intuition, practice heart-centred self-care, and connect with your heart path. The Heart Path Oracle Cards is an easy-to-use system of reading tarot cards to help you understand who you are

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Goddesses: Knowledge Cards is a study of women’s roles throughout history. Through this deck of cards, students will learn about critical events that have impacted women. In addition to learning about the role of women throughout history, students will find a history lesson in each card. The cards are easy to read, entertaining, and contain

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Are you in the market for some unusual playing cards? Kipper Cards might be just what you’ve been searching for. Kipper cards are also known as drinking cards, which make them ideal for playing poker, but they can also be fun for serious card players. Kipper Cards are uniquely designed with a recessed area in

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The Wild Offering Oracle Tarot deck is brought out by Starchild Tarot and is an oracle deck, meaning the cards can be shuffled, spread, and interpreted for multiple uses. Starchild Tarot uses only imagery in the design of the tarot cards, no words or numbers. This deck was made with the intention that you can

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The Goddess Dream Oracle is a deck that is based on Greek mythology. The deities are Goddesses, and the deck includes Oracle Cards, Love Cards, and divination cards. The Oracle cards have Goddess names; some of these are Aphrodite, Artemis, Athena, Demeter, and Hecate. The Love cards are more general, but the Goddesses that show

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Universal Love Healing Oracle Cards are based on the universal law of attraction—that we are each a vibrational energy comprised of energy forms. Each energy form vibrates at different frequencies, which determines the quality of that energy form. Each universal energy form represents another aspect of love, and these energy forms work through a universal

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