Tarot Daily Workbook Review

The Daily Tarot Workbook is a journal that helps you to work with the cards yourself. Each day a different Tarot spread is provided, as well as a journal entry to record what and how you did it and how it affected you. This helps you to become more in touch with yourself and the cards. This article is the Tarot daily workbook review with the advantages, disadvantages, previous users’ experiences, product specifications.

How does Tarot Daily Workbook Help?

Tarot Daily Workbook is a Tarot reading journal for beginners who want to learn to use the Tarot deck in a daily workbook format. You can find the Tarot spread, a journal to write in daily, and a daily tracker to track your progress in this journal.

This daily workbook is designed for people who want to use the Tarot to inform their daily life. It is about 1-3 cards (depending on the day) with daily divination (based on the card), journal pages (based on the card), and an additional tracking sheet.

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Tarot Daily Workbook Review:

This interactive journal will be helpful to the new and beginner tarot readers who are on their way to starting the tarot journey. It helps the readers to record and develop their skills and provides them with accurate instructions.

It will also help them boost their work speed and develop a connection of passion with the art of tarot reading, and it will also help them create a useful place for them to reach out in any kind of difficulties. This tarot journal can also be used as a diary for individuals and help them reach a goal they set for themselves.

The workbook will also provide the specialty of reading and understanding the meaning of the major arcana and many other symbolism meanings. It can also improve their skills of interpretation. It also helps you take notes and other information about the tarot cards and arcana.

Features and Specifications:

It is available on the paperback version on Amazon in the language of English. It was independently published on 12th April 2020. Also, it weighs about 6.7 ounces and has a dimension of about 6 x 0.3 x 9 inches.

  • It is 120 pages in length.
  • Each page has a date and deck name along with a question.
  • It also has specified spaces for keeping notes and writing down the interpretations. ‘
  • It also has the designated space for recording each draw’s names or the details of 1-3 cards.

Users’ Experiences:

  • It is a very good journal to record your personal growth and track your development.
  • It can work wonders for developing tarot reading skills with its specific and unique features.
Pros: Cons:
  • It is great for beginners as it has the instructions for reading tarots.
  • It can also help readers interpret the meaning of arcana.
  • Guides and advice for improving your tarot reading skills.
  • One can also use this tarot for discovering and learning tarot.
  • It has all the primary information and interpretations, but it can’t add any knowledge to a professional tarot reader.


In conclusion, this journal is a unique product that helps you record and track your life and journey of tarot reading and help you pinpoint certain parts of it. The spreads and journal help you build a relationship with your cards, and with yourself. If you’re looking for a tool to help you explore Tarot as a spiritual practice, I hope you’ll find this journal as useful as I do.

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