Tarot Reader Gifted or Liars Game? Real Review

Tarot Reader Gifted or Liars Game

This week I was asked to be a Tarot Reader Gifted or Liars Game. This is a game that my friend and I and other readers play at our book readings. We take turns reading the cards in a spread, and then whoever has the most cards is the Liar, and the other person is the Gifted. It is a fun game and a good way to end the night.

Tarot readers are basically a way to see the new possibilities of human life in the context of cards. Those who believe in the Tarot think that the Tarot can indicate their future happiness and sorrow.

However, not everyone has the ability to read the Tarot well, so they resort to lies, perhaps to deceive people. But those who are really gifted have achieved it through hard work and experience.

I will also mention 2 of my friends who are also experts and tarot readers. I think you will get a clear explanation on Tarot Reader Gifted or Liars Game?

1. Avishai Micaiah, Tarot Reader, creator, and curator of Audiotarot.

For me, the answer is two. I just think that I was born with a powerful over-sensitive notion that modern science still does not understand because we are still studying neurology/our brain beyond a sealed arch.

Physicians and researchers have put their ears on soup-up stethoscopes and are patiently turning the lock to find the combination that clicks the wheels in place, but we are not there yet.

My skull, cerebrospinal fluid, meninges, and blood-brain barriers all protect my precious brain from damage, but also its secrets.

Can the skills of Tarot card readers be explained scientifically?

There are other branches or fields of science and medicine that may one day provide clues about my “gift” – the study of genetics, quantum physics, sensory and cognitive empathy, and so on.

For now, however, any attempt to explain my skills with tarot cards and other forms of prophecy using science trappings would be a pseudoscience – there could be no lack of evidence to test them or support them.

Do tarot readers lie, or do the situation lie to them?

When it comes to tarot card readers, I had never met a person who would not lie when appropriate or necessary to do so. True, we all lie – but sometimes it is to get rid of feelings, to smooth out social situations, or for the better.

For example, if a mother commits suicide, it is best not to tell her baby about it and provide a more telling story about where the mother is going. Sometimes, it is necessary to lie or delay telling the truth to the public to prevent panic or violence.

Do tarot readers ever resort to lies for the sake of interest?

Instead of focusing on whether I am a liar or a truthful person, I try to establish a baseline of honesty and only go for good or out of necessity.

Since everyone lies, the best way is for someone to lie for moral reasons or their own selfish interests. Reviewing their overall moral character and how they interact with the world as evidenced by their behavior.

Whatever the truth, do you always consult the truth?

People who know me sometimes ask me ruthlessly for honesty: they know I love them too much. Tell them they look fat, or I believe the decision they made that they can’t take it back was wrong. If I disagree with them, I probably won’t attack anyone with the ugly truth. Can you imagine how horrible and dark the world would be if we just tried to tell each other the truth?

2. Piper Mcknight, Former Self-Aware Tarot  Transmutationist (2009-2015)


Practicing Tarot is between two skills and at least two personality traits.

  1. Memorize and
  2. Insights

First and foremost, a reader must memorize a deck of cards. This is not an easy task.

? There are four “suits” called Tarot (Wands, cups, swords, and pentacles [or coins])

And each suite has one to ten and four additional “court” cards that represent royalty (Page and Knight [princess and prince], queen and king). This is similar to our contemporary standard deck of card games (minus page cards in each suite).

Our contemporary deck was actually taken from the Tarot deck. But in addition to these four suits (called Minor Arcana), there are 22 more cards named Major Arcana. It makes 78 cards in a full tarot deck. And each card has a certain meaning to it.

  • Each suite has a different meaning.
  • Each number has a different meaning.
  • Every human being has a different meaning.

Each of Major Arcana’s 22 cards has different meanings (they all have the names “The Moon” and “The Tower” and “The lovers” and “The Hierophant”). 7 Wand is different than 7 of swords,  the drawn. And 5 of the swords different from 4 of the swords.

What skills does a good Tarot reader need to have?

To be a good tarot reader, you have to memorize everything. The last thing your Tarot reader wants to do is take the advice of a book to check the meaning of the card in the middle of a reader.

So, the number one skill of the Tarot reader is the ability to memorize the meaning of the cards. Without that skill, their ability to read cards is worthless.

Which practice skills are important for the reader to be effective in their work?

Observation is another practiced skill for readers to be effective in their work. If a reader is not paying attention to them, they will miss what they are reading.

The subtle formula that the person gives to the reader leads the reader to the reader’s focus. An observer can say a lot about another person with very little information.

For example, you can say a lot about me from the answer I’m giving you right now. I bet you can say that I like to help people and I talk a lot. I know some Snowy-it-all, but my heart is in the right place. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, but it seems like I have a lot of time to answer so long in the middle of the workday; see where I’m going It doesn’t take much to read in line.

How do you prove that reading your Tarot is real?

When people are in front of you, there’s a ton more information you can collect from them. If you take the time to observe them and listen to them – even if they are skeptical about any reading – you can still find some small things that can help you personalize what you are saying to them. This is what you need to do to make your lesson real.

Is Tarot anything magical?

Tarot is not magic or ESP. It is not someone’s soul or insight into the future. One way to look at the possibilities in one’s life and focus one’s energy on a new way of thinking about things. It means opening someone’s mind, not closing it. This brings me to the personality traits that readers can help them be the best.

What qualities can a good reader have that are better than other tarot readers?

Insight and perception enhance the qualities of a good reader. They qualify for immediate observation.

People who do not have natural insights and do not understand the possibilities are not good readers because they limit themselves and others.

You can be a good reader if your personality allows you to visualize what is possible, take a risk, and sometimes make mistakes.

A tarot reading can be called through which, science or art?

Tarot reading is not a science; it is an art. The art is messy and incomplete. It is impossible to complete and define. There is no scientific activity in industrial abstraction. Art is beautiful in the eyes of the listener and ugly to some but ugly to others.

Art We all make it, and it’s the way of tarot. You will come out of what you put in it. Practice helps expand people’s experience and skills and makes us better than before, but there is no perfect way.

Go to the Tarot with a free mind and experience the Tarot without expectation. There is no answer in the Tarot, only options, and possibilities. Enjoy reading and reading. Enjoy life. We just got help, so why the hell?


Tarot readers are gifted, or liars can be understood through their actions. Every human being is identified through his actions and some of his own qualities. Not all tarot readers are as talented as liars. In that case, we need to know for ourselves who is telling us the truth and who is lying to us.

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