The Archangel Metatron Self-Mastery Oracle Review

Archangel Metatron Self-Mastery Oracle Cards are a set of cards used to help you deepen and enhance your connection to the Archangel Metatron through various rituals.

You can use these cards to open your heart and soul to Metatron and have conversations with him about issues you are currently facing. If you are looking for guidance or a way to open and free your mind in a practical and easy-to-use way, then look no further!

Let us jump into the overview to find out the pros and cons of “The Archangel Metatron Self-Mastery Oracle” through this article.

The Archangel Metatron Self-Mastery Oracle
  • Ellis, Amanda (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

About the Author: 

Amanda Ellis excels in Archangel Metatron’s energies. She is a visual counselor, a psychotherapist, and an insightful instructor.

On the other hand, Jane Delaford Taylor is a famous inspirational writer and painter who absorbs the energy and radiance of the heavenly world in her drawings.

The Archangel Metatron Self-Mastery Oracle Review

Archangel Metatron is a powerful player who guards the celestial world and acts as a conduit between it and the Natural world.

Metatron can assist us with our worries, and these beautiful 55 cards and accompanying booklet resolve issues, obstacles, and blessings that emerge in our lives.

The card’s colors seem to be a mix of gentle and bold hues that complement each other well. Over two years, the graphics were developed as artworks.

The stock of the cards is shiny yet thick to hold. This deck has a Renaissance feel to it.

The Archangel channeled the motif and meaning for each card in this set, bringing forward a spirit today and will grow in prominence as time passes.

Characteristics of The Archangel Metatron Self-Mastery Oracle:

  • Archangel Metatron’s messages are delivered through 55 oracle cards and a handbook.
  • Color medication, mystical geometries, the cosmos, and celestial insight are all used in this way to self-control.
  • The first tarot deck is dedicated to Archangel Metatron’s teachings, restoration, and vitality.
  • 55 art cards are included in the hardcover.

Specification of This Book:

  • Published by: Schiffer Publishing Ltd
  • Anchor: Red Feather
  • Date Published: 28 Jul 2019
  • Written in: English
  • Total number of pages: 128
  • Weight: 755g
  • Height:230mm
  • Width: 150mm
  • Width of the Spine: 40mm

Past Users’ Experiences:

  • The design is exquisite, the container is eye-catching, and the decks are vibrant with golden edges.
  • The golden edge makes the decks cling to each other for the first time. The production system makes the user spend a few minutes delicately bend the cards to split them.
  • This set is for everyone who enjoys working with Angelic spirit, notably those who prefer the material to have a New Paradigm feel.
  • The decks are not enormous, although they are larger than a card game.
  • For daily or weekly direction and lectures, some users highly appreciated this deck.
Pros: Cons:
  • The illustration is eye-catching.
  • It’s easy to use the cards.
  • Good for the self-control practice.
  • Suitable for a gift.
  • Both for beginners and experienced users.
  • It is sometimes hard to understand because of the visuals and concept.
  • Those who do not believe in angels, energy spirits might not enjoy playing.
  • The cards are hard to detach from each other because of the golden lining at the edge.


Beautifully wrapped and made, with an ideal-sized paperback and cards and intricacies that add to the container’s overall appeal, this is the ideal accessory or treats for oneself.


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