The Celtic Dragon Tarot Kit Deck: Review & Guide

The Celtic Dragon Tarot Kit Cards are depicting the legendary Celtic dragon. There are four different decks in the series. The original Celtic Dragon Tarot Kit Cards provided the reader with the opportunity to study the Celtic Dragon from a different perspective than the standard Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck.

The original Celtic Dragon Tarot was created by the artist Lisa Hunt a couple of years ago, based on her personal beliefs and spiritual work.

A study of the tarot had shown her that many of the cards depicted ancient deities and that these were the ones she felt drawn to. Through her personal work with this deck, she began to see it as a tool of the universal, innate knowledge of the Divine.

We have mentioned a full-fetched review on The Celtic Dragon Tarot Kit. To find pros and cons and what previous users say about the tarot deck in the details below.

Celtic Dragon Tarot Cards Meanings:

The Celtic Dragon Tarot is a truly unique deck of cards. The number of different variations on Celtic Dragon symbolism and symbolism of the Celtic Dragon is legion.

But when you look at the Celtic Dragon in the cards, you can see that each has its own unique and individual style of drawing.

They are also designed to be separated into two different decks to have a more familiar reader with one of the styles and a reader who is more familiar with the other.

Each of the cards in the deck is also designed to be symbolic of Celtic Dragon attributes, and the artwork is done so that they are easy to interpret and understand visually. Most importantly, the Celtic Dragon Tar.

The Celtic Dragon Tarot Kit
  • color illustrations on cards
  • D.J. Conway (Author)

About the Contributors

J. Conway and Lisa Hunt combined their insights and talent in this book. Conway has created one of the most vibrant and potent Tarot cards ever. Acclaimed fantasy artist Lisa Hunt produced the artwork for this set.

D.J. Conway, a Pacific Northwest resident, has spent more than 50 years studying the occult. Her pursuit of knowledge has encompassed every facet of Pagan, Wiccan, Renaissance, and Eastern ideologies, including history, magical arts, philosophical customs, myths, and traditions. She was born in 1939 in Hood River, Oregon, to a family of Irish, North Germanic, and Native American descent.

Lisa Hunt has spent her entire life painting and drawing. Watercolor is her favored choice. She’s most recognized for her top-notch card decks, such as Celtic Dragon Tarot, which purchased over 1 million copies throughout the globe.

The Celtic Dragon Tarot Kit Deck Review

The Ideal Tarot for Dragon Fans D. J. Conway and Lisa Hunt’s The Celtic Dragon Tarot breathes a flaming gust of old Celtic lore into our wizardry and otherworldly beings.

The incredible attention to detail on every deck, from intricate filigree on clothing to the gravity of the people’s reactions and various dragons, will surprise everyone.

The 216-page book that comes with the deck discusses the symbolic meanings of per card. Four Tarot spreads have been included to assist us in using the Celtic Dragon Tarot in our regular lifestyle.

Instructions about how to concentrate with this set are also included and three directed meditation techniques.

This deck and torches are used in various magic for mending, fortune, safety, romance, and much more. The dragons appear to be right at home when paired with the beauty of humans clothed in medieval Celtic garb and true Celtic scenery.

  • Each card’s significance is thoroughly explained.
  • Each card has its own set of magical interpretations.
  • Four Tarot spreads can be used to perform readings on oneself and others.
  • This book helps to recognize the impact of previous lives on the present.
  • This book also enhances users’ paranormal talents.

Llewellyn Publications published the book on October 08, 1999. The book occupies a dimension of 6.4 X 2.1 X 9.3 inches, and its weight is 1.75 pounds written in English.

Users’ Experiences:

  • Other than giving readings, the Tarot can be utilized for a variety of reasons. Among the most potent applications of the Tarot is in the practice of witchcraft.
  • The symbolism on the cards is unique for conducting readings, and the details in the guidebook and their symbolism will appeal to a wide range of readers.
  • Many of the cards do not contain New Age symbolism, but they do contain ancient Celtic meaning.
  • The images are so compelling that they make the user feel like the dragons are there beside them, observing what they’re on about.
  • The artwork was not too gloomy, which helps to make the reading experience bright.
  • Some users complain that the deck’s visuals can be difficult to deal with at times.
  • The dragons aren’t aggressive; contrary, they engage with the people in the decks in a friendly and daily manner.
  • The art was graceful, but the smaller arcana cards’ pictures were quite simple.
Pros: Cons:
  • It can be used for learning and adopting magic.
  • Dragon lovers will love this.
  • The artwork is captivating and interactive.
  • The intimidating mystical components are not overpowering, so non-believers will not feel intimidated.
  • The deck’s overall size is often a little too much for the user to manage.
  • It is insufficient for someone who lacks a fundamental understanding of the topics (sorcery, concentration).


The Celtic Dragon Tarot Kit Cards allow you to intuitively read the Celtic Dragon Tarot and several of Lisa Hunt’s other Tarot decks. It is a lovely, well-thought-out deck, as well as a comprehensive book. This package is essential for anyone intrigued by the Tarot, the Celts, mysticism, or personality.

Enjoy reading!

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