The Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Cards Review

The Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Tarot Cards is a transformational deck and companion guidebook. This tarot deck is a high-energy, high-vibration deck meant to bridge the gap between Tarot and astrology. It is aligned with the expression of your soul’s purpose, attracting the abundance you seek. You can expect profound revelations, personal healing, and significant breakthroughs in your life.

The Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Tarot Cards are absolutely stunning! The artwork was breathtaking, and the colors were perfect. The cards were thinner than I thought, making them a little difficult to read. However, they did something I did not expect them to do. They brought me out of my own head and into the present moment. These cards are so uplifting.

The Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Cards
  • Josephine Ellershaw (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
About Author

The deck is made by the author Josephine Ellershaws.

Josephine Ellershaw’s expertise with Cartomancy currently spans four decades. She could be a skilled card reader and mentor to global patronage. She has a few years of skilled expertise in providing tarot card readings, personal development, mentoring, and steering, global patronage. Also, she is the author of a bestseller.

The Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Cards Review

Throughout history, storytelling has been a fascinating technique to impart everlasting knowledge through the underlying meanings and morals of cherished tales.

Step into the charming transfixed sales outlet and, through the Guardian of Books, work with sixty stunning destiny fortune cards to search out journey, immediate insight, and steering as you move with a resourceful, themed story. throughout your look for answers to your most significant queries, receive in small stages directions, keywords, in-depth meanings, exciting spreads, a temporal arrangement technique, cheat sheet, card combos, and associate degreed sample readings in an attendant enchiridion.

No previous information on Cartomancy is critical, and this deck and guide are additionally appropriate for skilful users. The illustrations are terribly stunning and deeply charming. simple to shuffle, lay out four cards face down left to right, flip them over, scan the ethics of the story, and therefore the definition of every card within the companion book.

The cards are well created with foil edges. Most of them were stuck along and easily required to be carefully separated. they’re slick and shuffle well within the hand. The box is well created with a magnetic catch and it’s sort of a stunning vintage book in the library.

The Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Cards- Features and Specifications

The deck is Schiff Eric commercial enterprise Ltd; first edition (June twenty-eight, 2014)

Written in Language ?English with cards ?208 pages. Item Weight ?1.4 pounds and Dimensions 5.75 x 1.25 x 8.75 inches.

Previous Buyer’s Experience

  • This deck and attendant book are superb.
  • The cards are well created with foil edges.
  • The images and cards are beautiful and simple.
  • Good quality.
  • Absolutely pleasant Cards.


  • The illustrations are terribly stunning and deeply charming.
  • Easy to shuffle them well.
  • Not overlarge and durable.


  • Hardly any.

In summary, the Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Tarot Cards are a creative, custom deck of Tarot cards, based loosely. The deck is a well-thought-out and well-executed product with a pleasing, stylized look. The accompanying guidebook offers detailed interpretations and instructions for using the cards. The deck is available in English and many other languages.

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