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Tarot Card Meaning

The Death Tarot card is one of the deck’s most feared and misunderstood. It’s not surprising, given its associations with death and endings. But the Death card can also represent new beginnings, transformation, and rebirth. The Death card can offer guidance and insight if facing a major life change or transition. In this post, we’ll explore the meaning of the Death card in Tarot readings and how you can use its energy to your advantage.

Major Arcana:– 

The Death card is part of the Major Arcana, a group of cards representing the archetypal journey of the soul. The Major Arcana cards are often considered the most important cards in the deck, and the Death card is no exception.

The Death Tarot Card Description

The Death Tarot Card is a tarot card of seventy-eight cards of a regular, common tarot deck’s Major Arcana or trump cards numbered 13, thirteen. In the imagery of The Death Tarot Card, there is a messenger or pioneer of death. He is wearing a skeleton dressed in black colored armor. He is riding a white colored horse. That skeleton describes the part of a body surviving long after life has left it.

The armor indicates invincibility and the truth that death will come no matter what happens. Its dark color is that of lamentation and also the mystical secret. On the other hand, the horse’s white color indicates purity and holiness and acts as an indicator of power and strength. The Death bears a black colored flag which is decorated with five roses with white petals, representing beauty, purity, and immortality.

Number five(5) indicates change, alteration, or variation. But altogether, these signs express that death is not just only about ending a life. It is about ending and, at the same time, beginning, rebirth, and birth, transformation and change. There is beauty in death, an implicit or congenital part of being alive.

A royal and rich identity arrives to be dead on the ground when a young woman, a little child, and a Bishop excusing that skeleton figure of the imagery in The Death Tarot Card is trying to spear them. But the truth is death can not spare anyone.

In the background of The Death Tarot card’s imagery, there is a boat floating in a river, similar to the mythological ship, especially for protection and security from death to the afterlife. On the skyline or the azimuth, the sun sets between two towers, a consciousness dying each night and reborn every morning.

The Death Tarot Card Keywords

Upright Keywords:– Changing, concluding, alteration, salvation,  completion, perfection, redemption, transformation, infusion, transition.

Reversed Keywords:– Fright of charging, repetition of same negative form, obstructing transformation, inconsistency, immobility, corrosion, waste.

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The Death Tarot Card Upright Reading

The Death tarot card is probably the most fighting, misunderstood of all the cards in a regular, standard tarot deck. But The Death Tarot Card is one of the most positive tarot cards in a tarot deck.

The Death tarot card indicates an end or conclusion of a significant period of the prospect of the person’s life who is reading The Death tarot card that he realizes is no longer accompanying him, but it is opening up the possibility. Through all kinds of difficulties in letting go of his past, he will soon see the necessity of it and the commitment to transferring and renovation.

Death represents an extraordinary time of change. Any transformation should be accepted as a positive, changing force in his life. This tarot card is an element of a fortuitous, unwary, and unexpected alteration or transfer. Death is a most exact condition that will happen to everyone no matter who he is. No one will escape his death.

Consequently, The Death tarot card is evidence that he may feel and sense that he is taken on a path of indiscriminate transformation and can not exempt or release its effects. Not but what, the Emerson may seem undesired and painful, that voluminous alternation could bring a sequence of unwanted surprises that create in mint chances and benefits for him.

The Death Tarot Card indicates that he needs to learn to let go of unwell connections in his life to pave the way to a complete life of more profound meaning and morals. The Death Tarot Card Upright side is teaching its readers to let go of affected and constipated things and outgrown paths of his life and to move forward from these.

The Death Tarot Card Reversed Meaning

 When The Death tarot card is in a reverse side position, this tarot card is telling one person who is reading that that person is on a border of any worthy change but is preventing it.

Most probably, he is unwilling to let go, and that person still carries detrimental or destructive viewpoints from his past life, which may be intervening with new chances. This tarot card invites him to the opportunities to strain these transformations rather than avert them. Maybe saying Yes to those changes brings something great in his life. That person needs to learn to redeem his past life and deference to his presence; he has to believe that his future will be much more bright.

The Death tarot card shows that the person reading is going through a voluminous change or personal transformation. Sometimes in private and also at the same time out of view from all other people. He is salvaging, which no longer distributes him so that he can make space for newcomers. He has to remove his fright and little conviction. He will change his usual, regular habits in time. Otherwise, that man will pass through a physical purification and change with the medicine of plants or other spiritual healing. It works as a place or source of inspiration.

The Death Tarot Card Love Meaning


 When it is about a love reading with The Death Tarot Card, then this tarot card tells one person who is reading The Death tarot card that maybe he is affixed in sentimental kinematics, which is not even working. If that person is already in a love relationship, he should learn to stain all kinds of transformation.

On the other hand, if he wants to end that relationship, he has to choose to either receive the change of their personal growth or the transformation of their relationship. If the person is single, he should have beliefs, conduct, or behavior that he is recently loosening that will help him develop his love relationship.


When it is about a love reading with The Death Tarot Card’s reverse side, then this tarot card is telling one person who is reading The Death tarot card that a strong counteract to transform when he is approaching and behaving to relationship and romance. If that person is single, this tarot card indicates that that person has to avoid all kinds of negative patterns to continue in a love relationship. He must heal his gaps or wounds so that he will find a partner who will give him love with respect. If he is already in a love relationship, he is in a relationship where a stagnant one is going.

 The Death Tarot Card Career Meaning


When it is about a career reading with The Death Tarot Card Upright side, it tells one person reading that he should take the immersion and keep moving forward. For safety, stability, or certainty. It is high time he wants to take the current shifts and drive in.


When it is about a career reading with The Death Tarot Card reverse side then this tarot card is telling one person who is reading The Death tarot card that he is pushing to transform his current job, working project, business or career then he should do all he can to stop this changing. He has to learn to welcome instead of push away.

In conclusion, Death is a card of destiny, when events seem to be set into motion. You’re not in control right now, but you’ll likely come to a place where you can change your fate. It’s up to you to decide which future you want.

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