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Tarot Card Meaning

The Justice tarot is about seeing things differently and making choices that align with your highest good. It is a card of truth and asks that you look at both sides of any situation before making a decision. The Justice tarot also teaches us the importance of balance in our lives. Out of balance can lead to problems in our relationships, work, and health.

Major Arcana:– 

The Justice Tarot is one of Major Arcana’s most influential and popular cards. It is a card of balance, harmony, and justice. The Justice Tarot can be used for any issue in your life that needs to be resolved. Whether you are facing a legal problem, an ethical dilemma, or simply trying to find a way to balance your own life, the Justice Tarot can help you find the way.

The Justice Tarot Description

The Justice Tarot is one of the seventy-eight cards of a regular, standard tarot deck’s Major Arcana or trump cards numbered 11(eleven). In the imagery of The Justice tarot card, there is a figure of Justice sitting over a kind of veil colored purple. This color indicates grace, compassion, and feeling.

In the imagery of this tarot card, between two columns resembling those utter or constructed two tarot cards —— The High Priestess tarot card and The Hierophant tarot card, which indicates balance, form, provision, and law.

The Justice tarot card woman holds a sword in her right hand. That sword shows gradual or legitimate mindsets, which is essential to enact or prescribe fair Justice. That sword is pointing upwards. The double-blade edge represents the possibility of the consequences of all kinds of actions.

There is also a scale on that woman’s left hand. That scale indicates mending must symmetry that logic and also a sign of her righteousness or honesty. Justice is wearing a crown; in that crown, there is a little square that shows positive thoughts, a long red and loose gown with a mantelpiece. She is also wearing a small shoe which is colored white and represents her action’s spiritual consequences.

The Justice Tarot Keywords

 Upright Keywords:– Honesty, fairness, justice, consequence, obligation, liability, karma, enactment, provision, rule, integrity, authenticity.

Reversed Keywords:– Misjudgement, enormity, dishonesty, false,  guilt, unfairness, aberration, perversion, pain, devolution, decay, retribution.

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The Justice Tarot Upright Meaning

The Justice Tarot Upright side shows right, justice, honesty, fairness, and the law. The person reading The Justice tarot card is being mentioned to give reasons for his every action, and then that person will be judged events accordingly.

If the person reading The Justice tarot card has already acted in classification with his highest self for the most significant achievement for that person who is reading. But, on the other hand, if The Justice tarot card does not even mention that person, then that person should make his move.

He should not hesitate or feel confused about making his actions on his own. If the person reading this tarot card is seeking proper justice, then The Justice tarot card is a positive signal that will come indeed. Most probably, that person will be a part of the legal case. Maybe a ruling connected with that person will be passed down slowly. No matter what happens after deciding, he has to accept that. He has to remember that there is no second chance or retrial.

So the person reading The Justice tarot card must be careful. The Justice Tarot card will help its reader to make choices sometimes when they need to. The Justice tarot card provides the power and also potential for all kinds of long-term reverberation.

The Justice tarot card investigates and explores the truth at its interior or bottom. Then the person will be able to find out and discover things. All he needs to do is concentrate and trust in himself.

The Justice Tarot Reversed Meaning

 The Justice tarot card’s reverse side is telling one person who is reading The Justice tarot card inwardly that the person may know that he has already done anything which is not reasonable or appropriate morally.

The person can hide it if the other people can not see that. On the other hand, that person can own up to all his mistakes and take concentrated action to resolve that situation or condition. Which one the person chooses does not matter; he has to face the consequences on his conscience.

The Justice Tarot card also indicates that the person reading this card 8s not willing to take total accountability for every action on his own, and sometimes he can also dodge that when he is blaming other people. Then he will be dishonest with himself and all other people. After realizing what he did wrong, he can do that for the second time. By doing that, he can free himself from guilt and possess himself to make much better decisions or choices. The Justice Tarot card indicates his inner justice, which will help that person to judge his conscious awareness.

When trying to make a valuable decision, it will impact other people, so he should be aware if that person is holding on to any superstition or bias which could influence his decision unfairly. If the person reading The Justice tarot card is already engaged in a legal case, then that person may fear an unfair result. Most probably legal complexity or something that obstructs Justice being served.

The Justice Tarot Love Meaning


When it is about a love reading with The Justice tarot card, then is the person who is reading this card single then The Justice tarot card is indicating that a relationship with a person in the legal diligence such as —— judge, lawyer, legal secretary, etc.

Suppose the person is already in a love relationship. In that case, The person is treated by other people as kind and not even being treated well in a relationship then that kind of relationship. This kind of imbalance is nothing but all about resolving with his loved partner.


When it is about a love reading with The Justice tarot card, then this card is telling one person who is reading The Justice tarot card if he is single, then while reading this tarot card, he should learn lessons from his previous experience. When the person reading The Justice tarot card is already in a love relationship, he only caught some deception or cheating. So he had to be patient.

 The Justice Tarot Career Meaning


When it is about a career reading with The Justice tarot card, the Upright side is telling one person who is reading this tarot card that he should be aware of balancing his working or business and personal life. He should also give bountiful time to himself. Since the person needs financial support, there is nothing wrong with having ambition. But The Justice tarot card indicates that he has to be careful and balanced regarding having integrity regarding money, wealth, and business. The person reading will be rewarded.


When it is about a career reading with The Justice tarot card reverse side, then The Justice tarot card is telling one person who is reading this tarot card that most probably he has been mistreated recently by his boss, coworker, colleague, or even a business partner. He is being too much blamed for any kinds of mistakes or shortcomings. Maybe he is feeling uncomfortable and down. On the other hand, financially, he is not likely to be lucky. His investment or financial deals will not be trustworthy.

In summary, Justice is the core of our being. It shows us the wisdom, confidence, and power within each of us. Justice also means that we should seek justice over revenge. The Justice card represents truth, justice, and the right action. When the Justice card appears, it is time to stand up and do the right thing.

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