The Tarot of Light and Shadow Review

the tarot of light and shadow review

The Tarot of Light and Shadow by John Matthews and Andrea Aste is the tarot deck featuring the two conflicting sides of every situation, problem, and question. This deck explores the probability of tarot reading and offers a fresh and new idea to the readers. By reading this article, readers will be able to know all the necessary information about the Tarot of Light and Shadow.

The Tarot of Light and Shadow
  • Matthews, John (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

What do light and shadow mean?

The shadows and lights around us are created by objects emitting different amounts of light. A light source is an object itself, and an object that emits light is called an emitter.

About Author

John Matthews & Andrea Aste

John is the author of several bestselling and successful books in the New York Times. His books are mainly based on early spiritual beliefs and successful divinatory systems. One of his mention-worthy books is the Arthurian Tarot which he co-authored with Caitlin Matthews, the Wildwood Tarot which he co-authored with Mark Ryan, and the Byzantine Tarot which he co-authored with Cilla Conway.

Andrea Aste is a multidimensional artist in the field of tarot and divinatory art. He’s a multimedia artist, a writer along with being an animator, and a filmmaker. His theatrical success was displayed in Carnival of Animals at the Teatro Regio of Turin. His very recent book The Book of Shadows was a small part of a very large project which included a film.

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The Tarot of Light and Shadow Review:

Every question and every problem has two sides, based on this raw concept of our surroundings, The Tarot of Light and Shadow has two decks and they both correlate and concede with each other. This double-illustrated tarot deck allows the readers to explore and know about the two sides of each situation. Like light and shadow, inner and outer self and known and unknown, etc. For the first time, readers are offered two decks in one which is designed to be used together in an interactive way.

This deck represents a whole new way of the king with tarot. It shows us a multi-layered way of thinking and professionals prefer to use different packs, this deck has been designed to work together. This deck is supposed to be seen as one and not two separate decks but simply as two sides of the same deck or two decks of the same dimension.

There are two ways to approach every situation and thus this tarot deck explores the idea of co-relating two decks and finding a more suitable and correct answer to our daily situations. When we face a problem, we turn to the tarot for advice. These solutions and answers are both affected by both inner and outer concerns and this deck gives us the necessary insight into this fact and helps us make a better decision.

Features and Specifications:

It is available in card version and in the language of English in Amazon. It was published on 10th November 2020 by Watkins Publishing. It weighs about 1.81 pounds and has a dimension of about 5.04 x 2.07 x 6.87 inches.

  • The set consists of two decks.
  • The deck has 79 cards total.
  • It also comes with a 157-page companion book containing explanations.
  • It comes in a sturdy box for safekeeping.

User Experience:

  • The most common surprise among the readers is that this tarot deck offers two decks in one which is a preferred deal.
  • The light and shadow theme cards have their own unique set of colors in a palette that gives them a very fresh look.
  • The unique style of the illustrator’s artwork is loved and adored.
  • This card can connect to a reader with depth and can contribute to their personal growth and development.
  • The cards are interesting and can keep the reader mesmerized.
  • The cards do not inflict much on the base concept and have a soft and reflexive approach to the idea of describing opposites which are not too intense but just enough to notice.
Pros: Cons:
  • The cards are glossy and have very slick printing.
  • The description on each card is very detailed and helpful.
  • The guidebook also provides necessary information and is beautifully designed and colored.
  • The cards come with an old inspiration with a modern twist of details.
  • The card stock is good and sturdy.
  • Some customers had suggested better production means and quality for the cards stock.
  • The box is a bit smaller for holding two decks together.

A deck with a new concept can shine and bring newness to one’s life and exploring new ideas with this interactive deck help one gain a new outlook and perspective.


In conclusion, this deck is visually pleasing, and the artwork is stunning. However, although each card is clearly labeled, the explanations are sparse and the images don’t lend themselves well to general interpretations. The wanderings or merlot in the cup, for example, does not explain which card it represents. However, if you dig deeper into the text, you will find other interpretations of the cards, such as recurring symbols. The deck would be a great purchase for someone who is interested in learning and practicing tarot and does not have a tarot deck already.

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