The Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck: Real Review

The Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck Real Review

Kim Kraus is the author of the Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck. The cards are designed to help you unlock your hidden potential to see connections to the Divine, masculine and feminine archetypes and take a positive step towards finding your life’s purpose.

The Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck is a guide to creating your own wild unknown archetype deck, which in turn is a guide to help you create your own unique story.

When you commune with archetypes, you can tell your own story in a way that is different from everyone else’s. And when you do, you are more likely to find the solutions you need to overcome adversity and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

We have provided the details on the Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck and Guidebook in the article. Check them out below.

The Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck and Guidebook
  • Hardcover Book
  • Krans, Kim (Author)

The Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck Card Meanings:

The wild unknown archetypes deck is a deck of tarot cards designed to end the routine and help you go deeper into your psyche.

This deck has been created to help you to discover your true self, heal yourself, and to live in the zone of your dreams.

This is a very powerful deck that will help you connect with your subconscious mind and bring to the surface what you are holding in your mind. Also, this is a potent tool, and it will help you get in touch with yourself.

Moreover, this is a very personal deck, and it has been created for you. It has been created to help.

About Author:

It is a wholly original deck and comes with a boxed set. This deck was newly defined by the best-selling author Kim Krans for the twenty-first century takes the seeker on a journey of self-discovery through the combined unconscious and archeological realms, where dreams and myths coincide. 

The Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck and Guidebook Review

In this original box, Kim krans illuminate the symbolic power of archeologists. Time is an ancient, universal symbol that survives throughout time and culture and lives deeply in our shared mentality. Painted in his incredible “Wil Unknown” Style in a sensitive, rugged combination of elegant line art and lush watercolor painting, The wild unknown archetypes deck and guidebook encourage a deeper understanding of our complex personalities and behaviors, and trends.

The deck includes 78 gorgeous circular cards split up into four suits; The Selves, The Places, The Tools, and The Initiations. Each of them is carefully selected for its symbolic potency. The essence of its nature is The Poet, the representative of compassionate creativity and the symbol of our lifelong journey to rediscover our destiny and the search for truth. In addition, the deck includes a fully illustrated 224-page booklet that is hand-lettered, written, and designed by Kim krans. He provided detailed meaning behind each card and offered clear, grounded explanations on spreads, practices, and concepts.

Features and Specifications:

HarperOne published this deck on October 15, 2019. The deck is composed and available in the English language and includes 224 pages of the guidebook. It weighs 2.1 pounds and has 6.3*2.7*6.2 dimensions of inches.

  • It features 78 gorgeous circular cards that teach us about nature.
  • The deck helps us to light up the revelatory power of the archetypes.
  • The box comes in two parts: a square box followed by a round box to keep the cars safe.
  • The deck of the box and presentation are breathtaking.
  • Illustrations of the deck are beautiful, and so much love and work have gone into every single card that is clear to see.

Previous User’s Experience:

  • Some of the users claimed that the back of the cards is not clear, and some of the collage pieces are very blurry.
  • The appearance of the card stock that came is a bit thin. However, the included guidebook is great, except for the first 2 chapters.
  • The deck is cut off in the center; the deck progressively gets more off-center as you work through the deck.
  • Some user’s claimed that the box is also starting to come apart even when unwrapping just the package.
  • The books held a bend even through one quick flip.
  • The appearance of the card stock is slightly thin but holds up nicely.
  • Some user’s claimed that the box is made poorly and that the inside is not fitting well.
  • The deck of the cards is too big and impossible to shuffle, and a bit thin but the inner and outer of the boxes and the nook are of great quality.
  • Some of the images are unique and expressive, but others look a little half-hearted, as if the creator were running out of ideas towards the end.
  • The card takes us on a spiritual journey not to for general tarot readings.
  • The author writes beautifully haunting prose, which is almost poetic at times and is very much stylish.
Pros: Cons:
  • The deck comes with an original box set.
  • It provided all the information on tarot.
  • The deck offers clear, grounded explanations of many spread, practices, and concepts of archetypes.
  • The card of the illustrations and work is clear to see.
  • It takes the seeker on a journey of the self realm.
  • The quality of the box is not good; it comes up when unwrapping the package.


This is the deck that will help you understand your own artistic actions, thoughts, and feelings.  It will help you to understand yourself in your own work.  And it will help you to understand how to give your work to someone else to understand it fully. So, we hope that you have understood all the details on The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck that we have provided in the article. Feel free to choose this deck.

Happy Shopping.

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