Vice Versa Tarot Review and Guide (Pros & Cons)

Vice Versa Tarot is a familiar deck, but unlike many other tarot decks, each card has an attribute that relates to the card’s meaning. This allows for a deeper interpretation of the meaning of the cards. The order of the cards, starting from the Fool, is arranged traditionally. This article is the “Vice Versa Tarot Review” with the previous users’ pros, cons, sayings, product features, and specifications.

The Vice Versa Tarot is a unique deck designed to aid in the process of transformation. It is the only deck that allows you to read your cards backward, unlike most people who read them. For example, the sum of the cards in the last position in the reading is the energy of the current situation, whereas the sum of the cards in the first position is the energy of the person you are working with.

Vice Versa Tarot Card Meanings:

The cards of the pip cards of the tarot spread are also known as vice versa. Vice versa can refer to the order in which the cards are read or the meaning of the cards. The vice versa cards are often used to reflect opposites, like light and dark or good and bad. They are integral to the reading of the whole spread and so are rarely used on their own.

Vice-Versa Tarot - Book and Cards Set
  • Brand New in box. The product ships with all relevant accessories
  • Lunaea Weatherstone (Author)

About the Author:

Lunaea Weatherstone (who resides in Portland, Oregon) is a priestess, author, educator, and tarot therapist who has worked in the Pagan community for over twenty-five years, starting as the entrepreneur of a pagan publication. She leads year-long goddess devotion workshops for the Sisterhood of the Silver Branch as Grove Mother. Lunaea has been studying the tarot for almost four decades.

Vice Versa Tarot Review – Book and Cards Set

The vice versa tarot deck has imagery from both edges of the card, with one side presenting its front perspective and the other displaying the reverse perspective. The vice versa tarot, like the sides of the same coin, provides perspective and movement, encapsulating the spirit of day and night, movement and comprehension.

Lo Scarabeo published this book on January 1, 2014. The item weighs 0.035 ounces, and its dimensions are 5.39 x 2.09 x 8.23 inches. It is written in English.

Previous Users’ Experiences:

  • Many photographs are intriguing, but a few appear too blurry and digital for the viewers’ tastes.
  • It sounds much better, especially given how varied the visuals are and how inspiring the mood is.
  • A lovely deck that is both classic and cutting-edge.
  • The opportunities for analysis are endless, the art is stunning, and even the book readings are thought-provoking.
Pros: Cons:
  • There’s a lot of information to assist you in reading a spread and improving your instincts.
  • This deck is ideal for consciousness and narrative.
  • Texts become more in-depth and engaging when both the front and back are accessible.
  • Gorgeous artwork.
  • The card width seems decent, and the texture is smooth.
  • Sometimes the images were disturbing to the users.
  • Some of the wording seemed harsh.


This is a beautiful deck to improve self-reliance and consciousness. Highly recommended!

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