Vintage Tarot Card Review & Buying Guide

Vintage tarot cards are great for those who like to dabble in a bit of witchcraft themselves and those who have watched some movies on sorcery and black magic. Vintage tarot cards are made by hand, so they are extra special and made by people who are great master manipulators and understand their craft. Vintage tarot cards are great for making your tarot deck or looking at pieces of art. We are sending him our best wishes!

Tarot Vintage
  • Waite, Arthur Edward (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Vintage Tarot Card Review

Vintage Tarot cards have a linen texture and an antiqued look for readers who desire a more historical vibe. It offers a new spin on the classic Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot. Many tarotists prefer a worn-in, well-used look, therefore, these cards include selectively colored images and objects placed against an aged background. This is a great reading deck for when you want to feel retro tarot vibes. It uses the pictorial key from the original RWS deck.

The soft, light color scheme is soothing to the eyes and adds to the vintage feel. The cards are comfortable to hold and shuffle well. Also, if you want to riffle shuffle, this deck allows you to do so.

Features and specifications:

  • The vintage tarot card is the reversion of the RWS deck.
  • Llewellyn publication is the publisher of this deck.
  • It is written in English.
  • It comes with a weight of 11 ounces.
  • It has a dimension of 2.85*1.75*5 inches.
Previous Buyers’ Experience
  • The colors are well done.
  • Has a linen finishing.
  • Size is the most of the Lo Scarabeo decks.
  • Perfect for shuffling, even for small hands.


  • The colors are stunning, and they are vintage.
  • They glidingly glide in the hands.
  • The touch is pleasant. Extremely well-made, lovely pictures, and high-quality cardboard.
  • Card material is ideal for shuffles.
  • The colors are stunning and well-executed.


  • Not any issues.

In conclusion, the vintage tarot cards are pretty easy to read. The symbols on the cards are colorful and attractive, making them easy to use. The symbols are easy to read; trust me, these cards are great. If you have any doubt, then question them, my brother.

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