Barbieri Unicorns Oracle Deck Review

Barbieri Unicorns Oracle Deck Review

Welcome to our blog post about the Barbieri Unicorn Oracle Cards – September 8, 2020 edition. Our blog is dedicated to exploring the latest trends and developments in spiritual and mystical practices. We are excited to bring you this in-depth review of the Barbieri Unicorn Oracle Cards, a stunning deck of 44 cards featuring unique and intricate illustrations of unicorns by artist Paolo Barbieri.

As the world continues to search for meaning and guidance in these uncertain times, oracle cards have gained popularity as a tool for self-discovery, introspection, and divination. The Barbieri Unicorn Oracle Cards are a perfect example of how this ancient practice has evolved to meet the needs of modern seekers. The cards feature a range of themes, from love and relationships to career and personal growth, and offer insightful messages and guidance to help you navigate life’s challenges.

This blog post will explore the history and symbolism of unicorns, artwork, and design.

Barbieri Unicorns Oracle Meanings:

The Barbieri Unicorns Oracle deck is a beautifully illustrated set of cards that provides users with insightful guidance and inspiration. Each card features a unique image of a unicorn, accompanied by a message intended to help users navigate life’s challenges and opportunities. The meanings conveyed by this deck are deeply grounded in the spiritual and mystical traditions of unicorns, which are known for their wisdom, purity, and magic. Whether seeking clarity on a difficult decision or a new perspective on life, the Barbieri Unicorns Oracle deck offers a rich and meaningful experience for users of all backgrounds and beliefs. With its exquisite artwork and profound insights, this deck will become a treasured resource for anyone seeking to explore the mysteries of the universe.

Barbieri Unicorns Oracle (Paolo Barbieri Unicorns, 1)
  • Barbieri, Paolo (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

About Author

Two authors, Paulo Barbieri, and Rachel Paul, created this deck.

Paolo Barbieri is an Italian artist whose paintings have been featured on best-selling book covers in Europe and North America.

Rachel Paul is also an author. He wrote this deck song with Paulo Barbieri.

Barbieri Unicorns Oracle

This is a Barbieri Unicorns Oracle deck. Its majestic essence of the unicorn soars into your inner spirit. It discovers an utterly distinct perspective on unicorns that surpasses the adorable image and elevates these noble creatures to a regal level. This potent oracle deck may be used for divinatory and inspirational readings, restoring a feeling of noble wisdom to one of the world’s most remarkable beasts.

Barbieri Unicorns Oracle- features and specifications

Llewellyn Publications is the publisher of this deck. It was published on September 08, 2020. The deck is available in the English language and weighs 10.1 ounces. It comes with a dimension of 4.5*1.3*5.25 dimensions of inches.

Previous Buyers’ Experience
  • Stunning imagery Simple wording means that intuitive messages are much easier to receive.
  • Its interpretations are straightforward
  • The deck containing all the information is creative.
  • Some buyers claimed that they didn’t find much preference.
  • The blades are easy to handle, and the artwork is extraordinary.


  • The deck of images and information is powerful.
  • The author’s artwork is masterful and has excellent printing and materials.
  • All the data is provided in simple meanings.
  • The mundane cards provide a mystic creative fusion of unicorns.


  • It doesn’t have any issues yet.


In conclusion, the Barbieri Unicorns Oracle Cards is a beautiful and mystical tool for anyone looking to connect with the energies of unicorns and the divine. The illustrations are breathtaking, and the messages are uplifting and empowering. Whether you are a seasoned oracle card reader or just starting your spiritual journey, these cards are an excellent addition to any collection. The Barbieri Unicorns Oracle Cards are a reminder that even amid life’s trials and challenges, there is magic and wonder to be found.

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