Complete Book of Tarot Spreads: Review & Guide

Complete Book of Tarot Spreads

The Complete Book of Tarot Spreads is one of the largest tarot books on the market. This book contains the most accurate and extensive information on tarot spreads anywhere.

In addition, the book is filled with inspiring writings, insightful tarot insights.

This review contains the features and feedbacks from the past users as well as pros and cons.

Complete Book of Tarot Spreads Meanings:

The Complete Book of Tarot Spreads is a visual guide for tarot card readers, giving them a detailed interpretation of the spreads.

The book is presented as a dictionary with entries arranged alphabetically, but the author has written an extensive introduction to tarot history and culture to set the book in context.

There are also separate articles on the spreads of the major arcana and the minor arcana.

Complete Book of Tarot Spreads
  • Complete Book of Tarot Spreads: Includes 122 Layouts
  • Bürger, Evelin (Author)

About the Author (Johannes Fiebig, Evelin Burger)

For over thirty years, psychologist and writer Johannes Fiebig has dedicated himself to exploring the symbolism portrayed in visions, tarot decks, and everyday events. Fiebig was born in the city of Cologne in the year 1953. His works have sold over 2 million copies worldwide and have also been published in multiple languages.

Evelin Burger and Johannes Fiebig have published over 30 books on tarot, psychoanalytic theory, myths, and other signs and aegis, converted into over 10 languages, and sold over 1.7 million sales.

Complete Book of Tarot Spreads Review

A simple, slim book with a fair variety of spreads and enough content to pique the reader’s interest. This book is doubtful to provide us with many valuable perspectives into the tarot, but it will provide us with several spreads to test our requirements. A book does not always need to have an essay following an essay, and it is one of those instances.

  • This book has a variety of Tarot spreads.
  • The reader will need to purchase a book to accompany it because it does not provide the interpretations of the decks.
  • Increases the number of spreads available to readers.
  • The number of cards each spread increases as the number of decks increases.

The Complete Book of Tarot Spreads has 122 layouts with 168 pages in total. Sterling Publishing Company, Inc. published this illustrated edition on March 04, 2014.

The size dimension is 5.9 X 8.9 X 0.5 inches, and the weight is 0.6 pounds. This paperback type of book format is written in English. This book is categorized in Divination, Personal and Practical guides.

Past Users’ Experiences:

  • There are quick and easy spreads for when readers only have a minute or two to spare, as well as more sophisticated spreads for those who are more experienced.
  • Some users claim that it did not provide them with enough information.
  • In the domain of relationships, the layouts were precise and on target.
  • Every layout looked flawless, and the format seemed simple to understand.
  • This is an excellent book for anyone who enjoys locating or fine-tuning spreads.
  • The majority of the spreads are variations on the same theme.
Pros: Cons:
  • The 122 layouts help readers to get a break as well as a new starting.
  • Suitable to recommend a friend or for a gift.
  • Novice, intermediates, and experienced readers will find this book to be accessible and helpful.
  • Very fascinating and instructive.
  • It is handy.
  • It provides various spreads that enable more particular phraseology of an issue or enigma, resulting in a much more engaging and practical response.
  • The pages are not colorful, and some repetitive topics are discussed in the layouts.
  • It may seem monotonous to some users.
  • This book is uncertain to provide consumers with many additional tarot discoveries.


Tarot is like a jigsaw or a piece of fiction, and it’s a terrific method to boost insight while still having some fun. This book provides the exact method of doing so. The readers will have a great time with it.

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