Energy Psychology: Is it Really Effective?

Energy Psychology

What do you get from the word energy psychology? In simple words, when energy helps to influence our psychological health and related aspects. To be more precise, it is the term where our mental health is controlled by the electrical energies or energy field of our body.

The chief idea of energy psychology is to manipulate electricity and energy in our body to produce a healing system or spiritual development. It is also considered to be one of the ancient technologies and a holistic approach overall.

Energy Psychology in Practical fields

Well, practicing energy psychology is not everyone’s cup of tea. Yes! The practitioners are experts in this field and also an ardent believer of the approach.

The system is exercised by many to treat psychological conditions such as anxiety, phobia, PTSD, addiction, and many other mental illnesses.

As a practitioner of energy psychology, one develops skills at this professional and possesses a firm belief.

Approaches to Energy Psychology

Some common approaches to psychological energies are mentioned below:

Tapas acupressure technique, aka TAT

TAT or Tapas acupressure technique was introduced by Tapas Fleming, who was a skilled acupuncturist.

In this method, pressures are introduced to specific points of the face. While giving pressure, the patient is asked to recall negative occurrences that led him to this treatment process, followed by remembering positive images. Finally, the process ends by asking the patient to imagine the possible reason behind their psychological condition. The treatment eventually concludes with healing and forgiveness.

Thought field therapy, aka TFT

Dr. Roger Callahan initiated this treatment in the field of energy psychology. The therapy involves sequential tapping on various parts of the body.

Like the TAT, the individual is requested to imagine the traumatic event and follow various vital steps.

Emotional freedom techniques, aka EFT

This treatment procedure also involves tapping in sequence on different essential parts of the body.

In this process, they are asked to remember traumatic or anxious events. The session ends through self-affirmation messages.

Energy Psychology: limitations and criticism 

Despite such firm beliefs and actions from the practitioners, psychological energy is criticized by many and experiences myriads of flaws as well.

It is still unknown to many how the work is done or how the healing process happens. Hence, a massive part of this treatment idea is still vague to so many.

Final thoughts!

Debatable or not, energy psychology as therapy has significantly impacted the myriads of practitioners and individuals. With a positive healing aspect, there could be some disadvantages and loopholes too.

No wonder it emerges as a gigantic field and allows many people to seek a mental or physical cure in unconventional or holistic ways.

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