Drug Addiction Problem in Bangladesh

Drug Addiction Problem in Bangladesh is not new. The recent rise in the number of drug-related crimes in Bangladesh has caused much concern among the public and it makes one wonder how the menace is affecting our country.

The term “drug addiction” is used to refer to several different conditions. These include abuse of alcohol, illicit drugs, or prescription drugs. Drug addiction affects people of all ages, but it tends to be more commonly seen in young adults.

Bangladesh is going through a drug addiction epidemic. It is estimated that around 15% of the population has or has had some sort of drug addiction, either prescription or illegal.

Current government policy is to treat drug addiction as a health issue which means that the majority of people who are addicted can be cured if they are willing to seek help.

However, the effects of drug addiction are often fatal and the consequences of drug addiction can be devastating for individuals and their families.

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Research on Drug Addiction Problem in Bangladesh

In recent years, the white plague has significantly increased globally, especially within South Asian countries like Bangladesh. International organizations, just like the United Nations and World Health Organization (WHO), are alarmed by this proportion of addicts. They are available from all strata of society.

The average age of drug addicts is 22. Students are mostly falling victims to substance abuse, which eventually lowers their education and attendance standards and colleges.

The WHO defines a drug as a chemical substance of synthetic, semi-synthetic, or natural origin intended for diagnostic, therapeutic, or palliative, which can modify physiological functions of man and animal.

For many influences, an adolescent can try drugs. Reasons determined as curiosity and excitement of the usage of drugs, despair, and frustration for continuous failure in works or economic insolvency.

Some get addicted because they struggle to follow the Western culture of substance abuse and the delight of life. A variety of other reasons include poverty, quick access to drugs, dejection crazy, and mental stress thanks to family problems.

Drug Addiction Problem in Bangladesh

The Role of Research on Drug Addiction in Bangladesh:

The researchers and the social scientists surveyed and researched it as it becomes a burning question to our society. We can find so many articles, journals, thesis papers also in the newspaper.

They are working with their best effort to recover society from this problem. They show us how alarming the problem is, how the problem is developing, how our young generation is engaging in it, what the Government should take necessary steps. The Government should follow the effective recommendations of the researchers for the solution of the problem.

Sorts of Drugs Available in Bangladesh

There are three sorts of drugs available in Bangladesh–opium (like heroin), cannabis (ganja), and sleeping pills (seduced).

The foremost common drugs utilized in Bangladesh are stimulants. The teenagers are ignorant about the variation of medicine.

A number of them cannot tell the difference between stimulants and marijuana. Thus, there is an outsized number of young using drugs.

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Causes of Drug Addiction in Bangladesh

Addiction has been a subject of many studies in the past. Most of the researchers have shown that the addictions are related with several types of personality. The researchers have suggested addictions are typically a learned behavior.

However, many people across the world are becoming addicted to drugs. Today there are many nations in the world that are facing such problem of addiction. There are several factors that cause the addiction such as: peer pressure, drug availability, media, and lack of accountability.

If we’d like to pinpoint some main causes of the white plague, we will not avoid the subsequent ones-

Personal reasons

  • Frustration
  • Depression
  • Poor self-esteem
  • Physical abuse
  • Failed romance

Social reasons

  • Family problems like love deficiency, parental addiction, loss of loved ones.
  • Peer pressure
  • Loneliness
  • Problems in class, College, and University.

Financial reasons

  • Unemployment
  • Lack of family support
  • Unstable economy

Political and Geographical reasons

  • War or conflict
  • Lack of basic rights
  • Political instability
  • Easy access to drugs thanks to geographical conditions.

Drug abuse creates multidimensional problems. The Government should have concerned about removing this curse.

Bangladesh’s Government should have a strong drug policy. Within that policy, they have to cover both the preventive and curative sides. By the side of the Govt and NGOs, can it play an important role in reducing drug demand? And it’s the likelihood to stop substance abuse within the country.

All these urgently demand major policy and institutional reforms, which involve all the concerned corners for effective response to combat substance abuse within the country.

Above all, it is not only the duty of the Government and researchers but also the mass people have the responsibilities and should play a vital role in the recovery.

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