Dragon Wisdom Oracle Deck Review

Dragon Wisdom Review

The Dragon Wisdom Oracle Deck is a deck of cards designed to help you receive intuitive guidance and insight from the Dragon. This article will provide a full Dragon Wisdom Oracle Deck Review.

The cards are a depiction of various mythical creatures you might encounter during your life. Aran included various notes in the book to help explain the cards’ meanings and how they relate to you.

A book is included with the deck that explains the meaning of the cards and how to use them.

Dragon Wisdom Oracle Cards Meaning:

The Dragon Wisdom Oracle Deck is a modern Oracle Deck containing the symbols, animals, and spirits from the Dragon Wisdom Oracle by Anja Kostka.

The cards are designed in the style of traditional Tarot cards, but there are a few differences.

The backs are a modern two-tone color scheme, and all images are rendered in black and white, with the exception of the Ace of Cups, which is in color. Also, the cards themselves are smaller than the average Tarot card, which allows the image to be more detailed.

The jokers are also different from the traditional Tarot jokers, having a dragon-like appearance with human features.

Dragon Wisdom: 43-Card Oracle Deck and Book
  • Fader, Christine Arana (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

About the Author:

On her path to enlightenment, Christine Arana Fader, known as “Dragon Woman,” has been guided by many tutors, including deities, powerful creatures, enlightened lords, Merlin, and, most notably, demons or dragons.

She has been leading seminars to familiarize individuals with the spirit of dragons and Fairies since 2010. She resides in Germany and is the originator of The Little Book of Dragons.

Dragon Wisdom Oracle Deck Review

Dragons are intelligent instructors, divine power, and allies. Their devotion and affection have a profound effect on us. Dragons bestow vigor and a tinge of enchantment on humanity. When we interact with dragons, the embers of their fearlessness fall on us.

  • The activities in this set of 43 cards will guide you to ourselves, towards our essence.
  • An effective approach to engage with dragons’ insight, compassion, and enchantment.
  • Each of us can are awakened by our inner power with the help of this deck.
  • The cards are grouped alphabetically in the 112-page handbook.

This mixed media product has 112 pages and imprinted by Earthdance Books. There are 43 full-colored cards in the deck. It was published by Inner Traditions Bear and Company on 12 of November in 2020. The country of its origin is Rochester, United States. It weighs 342 grams and is written in English.

Previous Users’ Experiences:

  • A packaged deck with cards that include incredibly gorgeous and intricate fully colored dragon graphics, as well as magical rules for integrating legends’ eternal lessons to one’s daily situations.
  • Dragon brilliance is a mesmerizing resource for dragon aficionados that offers a way to intellectual enlightenment.
  • It offers a fantastic present.
  • The intricate and vivid drawings will appeal to mythology aficionados in particular.
  • According to some users, the issue has been that half of the book is devoted to rites.
  • The writer is a firm believer in dragons, which renders the book essential for reading, and the cards are rich with metaphor.
  • The deck does have some promise that can be used on our shrine, and it also works well as an Oracle.
  • Dragons of the very same sort are used to convey several concepts.
  • The handbook that accompanies it is simple to learn and comprehend.
  • There are 4 Chalices in conjunction with the Dragons, which symbolize the four components of Flame, Ground, Wind, and Aqua.
Pros: Cons:
  • The image is comprehensive and vibrant.
  • This is a potent deck that goes above oracle interpretation to include healing work.
  • Readers may use cards to enhance their mindfulness and therapeutic activities and develop their relationships with dragons.
  • The cards are solid and durable.
  • The box is well-made.
  • Those who do not believe in rituals regarding dragons might not be interested in it.
  • On the photographs, there are a lot of duplicates.


The Dragon Wisdom Oracle Deck is an official deck sent to thousands of readers of Dragon Wisdom. In the Dragon Wisdom Oracle Deck, each card is a symbol, meaning, and story. It is not a complete oracle deck by any stretch of the imagination. I wish the readers a lovely and liberating journey with this deck.

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