How to Deal with Family Manipulation?

Family Manipulative

You are here because you are interested to know about family manipulation. Right? If so, then answer yourself… Has your mother ever compared you with the kid living next door and made you feel embarrassed for not being good enough? Have your elder sister made you do her homework, saying that she will tell your mother about the girl you liked? Has your father ever yelled at you, saying how you could do this to him when he pays your tuition fees?

Some of you may find it relatable because we all have faced family manipulation at certain ages. Sometimes people use dark psychology to manipulate others. Daily huge people search on google to get rid of Persuasion. So, it is important to bring consciousness into our brain and belief system. So, let’s see the tactics that people use to manipulate family members.

What is Family Manipulation?

Most of the families show some degree of manipulation with the members of the family. When someone tends to make you do something for their own benefit by convincing you or putting up a condition or force, power, fear, etc., it is called manipulation. It is one of the most common traits that dysfunctional families contain.

Helicopter parents who are over-controlling their children use this technique to control children’s lives and decisions. Parents make decisions for their children, which helps to shape their life for betterment. When it comes to manipulating parents, they attempt to establish their own suitable decisions for their children by manipulating them.

Causes of Family Members Use Manipulation:

There are many underlying reasons why family members use manipulation on each other. Parents or siblings use it to gain control over others. When they have the victims under their control, they can fulfill their needs, desires, or anything they want to be done in their ways.

Some family manipulation tactics are followed, and the main addresses are the weak point of the person they want to manipulate. Because family members live together under one roof and siblings grow up, they easily know each other’s vulnerabilities and characteristics. Sometimes elder siblings take advantage of that and make the younger ones do things according to their own desire.

In many cases, parents manipulate their children as they hold financial power. They make their children do what they deem most appropriate as a parent. Some parents do it to feel they have their children under their control.

Some Tactics That are Used for Manipulating Emotionally:

Here are some of the main tactics used by a manipulator to achieve their goal and gain personal pleasure by manipulating others.

  • Telling lies
  • Insulting
  • Refusing to discuss
  • Blaming for personal pleasure
  • Playing the victim
  • Getting furious
  • Bullying
  • Creating confusion
  • Playing the innocent
  • Bringing up past mistakes
  • Making the victim feel unworthy
  • Seducing the victim to attack later

Consequences of Family Manipulation:

The consequences are so bad that they can haunt people for the rest of their lives. The victims of family manipulation go through a scary childhood where they live under abusive parents and hardly get to speak for themselves. They suffer from low self-esteem, and the sufferings continue in adulthood too. They go through a lot of psychological and emotional manipulation, where they are forced to believe what the manipulator wants them to believe.

The children who are the victims of family manipulation grow up in an environment where they are unloved and their parents are unsupportive. It is tough for them to develop emotional maturity, and they often do not know how to love themselves. After years of suffering and trauma, the victim often becomes the family scapegoat.

In adolescence, when a kid builds up his identity, family manipulation can be destructive. Such manipulating behavior destroys the parent-children relationship. It will hamper the child’s sense of individuality and make him either a negative-minded person or a person full of rage.

Many children who grow up under manipulators find various kinds of difficulties in later life. Parents and family members should create a healthy environment where every child can grow without being manipulated.

Conclusion: Manipulation or dark psychology is an important aspect that is more scientific than earlier. Many famous people use it. If you want to know the scientific tactics of family manipulation, you can follow the above-mentioned famous books.

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